Friday, September 23, 2011

Unhappy Yemen : Look who is back !!

And Ali Abdullah Saleh has returned back to Yemen after 3 months of treatment in Saudi Arabia. 
I can’t believe , I seriously can’t believe how much this man is holding to his chair in this !!
Anyhow Al Arabiya network is reporting that Saleh may have returned to step down !! Yes there are expectations that Saleh would address the Yemeni people today after couple of hours and Al Arabiya expects that this will be the step down speech which I believe somehow unlike with all what we see.
Saleh returned back after a week of massacres in Sana’a , after what his forces have committed from war crimes against Yemeni civilians.
Ironically the ministry of defense in Yemen has issued a statement where it “President Saleh wants a cease of fire !!!” and that he wants a truce !!
The Ali Abdullah Saleh are extremely happy with the return of their dictator celebrating in the streets of Sana’a while on the other hand the revolutionaries are protesting his arrival.

I do not understand by any means the official stand of Saudis in this and why they let Saleh to return back. It is as if Saudi Arabia is now against Arab revolutions in Egypt , Yemen and Bahrain while it is supporting the revolution only in Syria because of Iran not because of any other thing !!
Yesterday there were not less 46 martyrs’ funeral in the country.
The street wars between Saleh’s troops and the pro-revolutionary troops are still there , as usual the people are caught in the middle. The pro-Saleh’s troops have shelled Taez since the morning yet this did not stop the people there from protesting.
Shelling the building in Taez "Source :Facebook"
People today in Taez "Facebook"
Here are the people of Taez praying for their martyrs.
Taez : The martyr’s prayer after Friday’s prayer
People were killed and injured as usual in Taez. Here is an extremely graphic video showing today’s injured from the shelling in Taez. “Graphic”
Taez : The injured in Taez 23/9
Nevertheless the best thing I have read from Yemen is how the Yemeni revolutionaries are happy that Saleh is back so he can be prosecuted. 


  1. of course Saudia Arabia is against the Arabian's out there in the open since Mubarak's regime got toppled..

  2. no oil no nato :)


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