Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why do not we close League of Arab states then !?

So Kuwaiti Al Watan newspaper claimed that Gulf states are having negotiations with Egypt to join the GCC in order to stand against Iran’s influence according to Gulf sources in Riyadh. The newspaper claims that Cairo welcomes , well Cairo does not welcome for sure.

So after Jordan and Morocco the GCC are invited to join the GCC we are being invited to the Royal club of the Arab world , strangely we are a proud Republic.

I see that we are in front of a New Pro-American club in the region ,the new Baghdad pact !!

Why do not we close the League of Arab states then ??

You want unity , well you got the League of Arab States which by the way could be great and as strong just like the EU if it were not for the member states including the Gulf states.

I do not need to speak how ridiculous this is especially we got already the League of Arab states that needs to be revived.

With all my respect to the people of the Gulf , I refuse as an Egyptian citizen to join the GCC. The Egyptian army is not owned by the Gulf so it would scare the Iranian army. Our culture is clearly different , our society’s structure is clearly different. Our wants and needs especially when it comes to social justice are different, we want different economic and political policies as well foreign relations policies than the rulers of the Gulf’s policies.

Those who think we will be rich if we join the oil club in the region , I hope you will think again because they will not give us money and I swear Egypt got huge sources to turn us in to a rich country without the help of any country.

Cairo does not welcome this , this is not the third constitutional declaration issued in secret.

I hope that our political parties , powers and potential presidential candidates issue a statement about this to make it clear that

If SCAF is stupid enough to join the GCC club , I hope the next president of Egypt decides to leave it. Oh yes I am furious.

Again it is not personal thing between us and the people of Gulf.


  1. SCAF looked upon Bahrain and admired how magnificently well the GCC managed to handle that! Almost prime example for any aspiring dictator: Send some troops from Saudi Arabia to quell the peaceful protests.

    If that is not going to spur interest among SCAF - I don't know what will, impressive.

    Joining GCC is not a small thing, how could transitional leadership do such a decision? Egyptians should arise again and show these illegitimate leaders of the SCAF who is in the charge, with peaceful protests of course.

    Unfortunately I don't think Fridays protest can succeed simply because MB once again refuses to join. Question I must ask is what did the SCAF promised to MB? Why they constantly seem the lame duck, not willing to do anything?

  2. What has the Arab League ever achieved anyway?

    Hasn't it been a single-issue organisation focusing on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and dominated by Egypt, through its respective Secretary Generals..?

    Personally speaking I wouldn't mind one bit if the Republic of Sudan withdrew from the Arab League whose track-record is dismal and whose objectives and foundations are opaque.


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