Wednesday, October 19, 2011

And Ahmed Zaki Badr is back again to action "Updated"

One of the early victories of the January 25th revolution was the dismissal of Ahmed Zaki Badr as the minister of education , we thought that we will never hear of him again but we were wrong because he returned back as the head of Akhbar Al Youm academy !!
Today tens of academy students of Akhbar Al Youm academy protested in front of the iconic Akhbar Al Youm publishing house building in press street down town Cairo demanding the expel of Ahmed Zaki Badr , the head of the academy and the cancellation of Badr’s decision to suspend 10 students for 2 years.
The Akhbar Al Youm publishing house’s administration suggested the students to protest inside the building but they refused and only 4 students went to negotiation with the administration so far.
Akhbar Al Youm Students protesting at press street

Of course after 7 months of the revolution and as part of the national and private universities students movement a group from academy students protested and had a sit in there for nearly a week when things demanding one thing : The dismissal of Ahmed Zaki Badr , the former minister of education and the ex-member of the NDP. 
Things escalated last Sunday when the students managed to besiege Badr in his office for nearly 6 hours in order to enforce him to resign. With the help of some students as well as police and military police Badr sneaked out with the promise that he would resign next day. Of course in his way out according to students he slapped and kicked some student’s ass !!
Anyhow next day the students found that Badr did not resign and decided to suspend 10 students “including 4 girls” for two years without any investigation or notification as the rules and laws of the academy implies. Not that only Badr filed a complaint in the police station claiming that a group of students including girls attacked him physically.
The 10 students are planning for lawsuit against the academy and Badr to restore back their rights.
I know there is a big debate about whether the students in private universities should protest and strike or not but I do not think that anyone will agree on how Badr treats the students or what he has done against the protesting students as it is against the law already.
I proudly covered the protests of the Nasr college against the decision of Ahmed Zaki Badr and remember how I look to these protests as an important indicator for a change in the society. I felt that it was matter of coupe of years when we have a revolution against Mubarak , of course I was wrong because it turned out that it was matter of weeks.
Anyhow back to the Akhbar Al Youm , well I think it is not the right of Badr to suspend the students for 2 years without following the correct steps. I will not be sad if he resigns though.
The students movement in Egyptian universities still on , all focus now is on Mansoura university and what is taking place there.
Updated : 
Mohamed El Moshir , was  among the students from Akhbar Al Youm academy that met with Ahkbar Al Youm CEO Mohamed Barkat. 
The deal is as follows : To stop protesting in return the suspended students will return back and the complaints filed against them will be cancelled.
Akhbar Al Youm's administration is insisted on Zaki Badr. 

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