Friday, October 7, 2011

Congratulations To Yemen , to Arab Spring and to Arab women

Tawakel Karman on June 8 in Sanaa
And the big moment is here : Yemeni Tawakel Karman has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with Liberian president Ellen Johnson and Liberian activist Leymah Gbowee
Karman is the first Arab woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize and the fourth Arab after Sadat , Arafat and ElBaradei. She is the youngest as well. The 33 years old journalist form Taiz is from the youngest recipients of the award worldwide.
This is a huge victory for the Yemeni revolution and all Arab revolutions , a huge victory and recognition to the women of Yemen and the Arab women. It is a huge honor for all the martyrs and injured of the revolution. It is not a surprise that Tawakel dedicates the prize to the Martyrs and the injured of the Yemeni revolution as well her father “politician” , her husband and family.
On January 29 in Sanaa "Getty" 
Karman also dedicated her prize to the Arab revolutions in Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and Bahrain.
Tawakal started the Yemeni revolution with the protest she led on January 29th ,2011 by the way. She wrote about the Yemeni revolution for the Guardian on April 8th ,2011. She was truly one of the real revolutionary faces in Yemen as you can read in her biography.
Tawakel was arrested during the Yemeni revolution then later released.
Here is a Tawakel’s twitter account “private” as well as her official website“Still under construction”.
The Yemeni people are happy and proud wondering on how Abdullah Saleh feels now
Today's Friday protest across the country is named after former interim president Ibrahim Al Hamdi.

Tawakel Karmen is internationally trending on twitter

It is a victory for all of us from the Gulf to the ocean as well recognition to the Arab woman.
Today it is a real Happy Yemen.
By the way here are the reactions of other Egyptian activists nominated to the prize as it was leaked

Congratulation for Tawkal and all Arab women,I'm so proud of Egyptian and arab youth , hope you can achieve for Egypt more than any prize .Fri Oct 07 10:54:17 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Hearty Congrats to Tawakul Karman as she made us all proud :) Our ultimate prize is a democratic Arab World that respects human rights.Fri Oct 07 09:31:39 via web

we are very proud because Tawakkul won Nobel Prize for Peace, Solidarity with revolution in Yemen ‎@TawakkolKarman‏ ‎#yemen‏ ‎#NobelPrizeFri Oct 07 12:02:05 via web
And Yes Our girl Tawakel deserves it more than Assange , Zuckerberg and twitter


  1. Tawakkul Karman's Al Qaeda connection. She's a member of the Yemeni opposition Islah political party co-founded in 1993 by Sheik Abdul Majid al-Zindani, theological adviser to Osama bin Laden. In 2004, the United States Treasury put Mr. Zindani on a list of “specially designated global terrorists” for suspected fund-raising for Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.


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