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#EgyMedia : A setback in time of revolution "Updated"

All respect to you , I need to think in many things before issuing a statement tomorrow insh Allah
أكن لكم كل احترام و لكني أحتاج إلى التفكير في أمور كثيرة قبل إصدار البيان غداً إن شاء اللهThu Oct 20 20:38:18 via Twitter for iPad
This was the tweet of the day last night in Egypt , this is the tweet that forced many Egyptians on twitter to ignore the Qaddafi’s end. It was a tweet made by famous ONTV host and journalist Yosri Fouda in his official twitter account. This tweet came after another tweet announcement that spoiled the evening plans for many of us.
Yosri Fouda announced yesterday as I hinted before that Thursday’s night “Last Show” will dedicated to the analysis of that special show of SCAF with Ibrahim Eissa “the co-host of Mona El Shazly as well as Alaa Al Aswany. Due to the big event of the day , Fouda announced earlier that he will host Yasser Razek with his two guests to speak about the event of the day as well as the analysis of the SCAF episode.
Still the big sad news came when he announced that he apologized for not appearing that nigt and that he would issue a statement.

أعتذر عن عدم ظهوري الليلة وسأصدر بياناً غداًThu Oct 20 19:21:38 via Twitter for iPad
There is not doubt that fingers are pointing to some sort of a critical reason other than sickness which usually Fouda does not hide , this time and due to the media tension between the progressive media and SCAF not to mention the topic of the
What fueled the expectations and rumors of SCAF’s interfere is Alaa Aswany’s announcement on Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr in his show “Al Aswany’s show” which I did not see but found people speak about in twitter. Aswany allegedly claimed that SCAF ordered the cancellation the episode. Friends who follow Al Aswany’s  official twitter account says that he announced earlier that Ibrahim Eissa was angry from the SCAF show in a tweet that was removed hours later !!
It is worth to mention that from couple of months ago , Fouda was planning for an episode from Last Talk like SCAF show where Hegazy as well as Al Asr would debate on air with Al Aswany and Belal Fadl but in the last moment it was cancelled after the insistence of the morale department to be recorded episode. “Hegazy wanted live”
The rumors mill has stopped with speculations that Fouda is going to resign and leave the channel aside from the reason why the TV show was stopped including pressures from Sawiris to Fouda directly to cancel the episode to fights between Al Aswany and Eissa.
ONTV had to act quickly through its twitter account and denied the news that the show was stopped urging people to wait for tomorrow.ONTV also defended itself and denied the cancellation of the episode insisting that they do not answer to any party.
Still the expected theory is the SCAF’s pressure because it is not the first time that something like this happens , we remember when journalists and TV hosts were summoned to have chitchat in C28 with military prosecution then we got the newspapers’ censorship followed by the closure of Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr then threats to Tahrir TV and ONTV then Maspero’s fiascos in the last clashes aside from the storming of TV channels !!! It seems to be an aggression on the freedom of expression we have gained with expensive yet deserved price.
If SCAF is really behind , then it proves its political stupidity more and more in extremely critical time. Instead of fighting the media , I hope that the SCAF members appear and speak in progressive pro-revolution shows like Yosri Fouda’s TV show.
Back to Fouda , I will respect his decision and wait for this statement so keep visiting this post for updates.
There are strong angry reactions in twitter from SCAF supporting Yosri including TV hosts and journalists like Belal Fadl , Hala Serhan, Doaa Sultan aside from the activists.
I will end with what potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei said about the incident.

Suppression of free speech and control of the media is aborting the nascent democracy. Where are we heading ?Thu Oct 20 21:43:49 via Twitter for iPad
Again I am waiting for the statement.
@1:49 PM Cairo Local time 
Without giving any reason or any explanation for what happened yesterday night , Fouda issued a statement on Facebook announcing that he decided to suspend his TV show "Last Talk" indefinitely on ONTV due to media censorship. 
Fouda spoke of the old regime mindset is still.
The decision is received by respect as well as anger on twitter as some believe he should have fought back.
This is not the end.
And Alaa Al Aswany has issued a statement on Facebook saying what was spread online from statements he said about Ibrahim Eissa were false and that his email was hacked !!


  1. Zenobia

    I have read this 3 times and have still no clue at all what it is all about.
    Can I give you a piece of advice please.
    If this blog is in English for English readers then we need to have some clue what it is about.
    The English grammar is terrible so please get someone to proof read it before posting. Secondly. You assume that we as non Egyptians living abroad or ex pats living here know what you are talking about and because we have no clue you dont get any comments. Thats because most who do not speak Arabic have no clue whatsoever what you are trying to say in a post.
    You need to take a bit more time if you are to reach an English speaking audience so that we know what you are talking about. This post for example tell me nothing but names. names I dont even know who they are so why not spend time explaining who these people are like Fouda?????? You are assuming we are watching Arabic channels and then writing about events here knowing what you are on about.
    This last post is completely incoherent for a non Arab speaking English audience who lives outside Egypt or inside who does not watch Arab speaking ONTV.
    Make the effort to make your posts coherent if you want to reach an English speaking audience or stick to Arabs speaking because a lot of your posts I skip because I have no clue what you are talking about because of your grammar and you assuming we watch Arab TV and know these names.

  2. SCAF IS the old regime, it's that simple!

  3. Thanks Zeinobia: Please can you add this link as update please


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