Saturday, October 29, 2011

Essam Atta : What really killed him ? Only a real one way to know it.

The news of Essam Atta’s death at Tora prison came like punch after the Khaled Said’s court rule and this is why it generated a lot of anger in the past 48 hours.
Currently we have several contradicting testimonies , reports , autopsies. Needless to say that MOI is insisting that Essam was not tortured but he swallowed a marijuana packet that actually killed him. The fact they mentioned “Marijuana Packet” again provoked many people and made them disbelieve the MOI official statement as it reminded them with the infamous packet that was inserted in Khaled Said’s throat after he was beaten to death. We have got huge problem with MOI which is simply can be summarized in those few words “We can’t trust them” and we got a lot of good reasons , bad memories not to do so.
What happened in the official autopsy yesterday Friday was controversial and confusing. During that official autopsy a packet “ a small latex packet with weed inside” was allegedly found in El Attar’s stomach, there were no traces of bruises or injuries. He was not sodomized by water pipes from his anus and that food content was found in his stomach allegedly proved that.
A group of some independent doctors called Tahrir Doctors sent two of its members Ahmed Siam and Maged Essam to attend the autopsy by the request of activist Malek Mustafa. Both doctors “are not specialized in autopsy” were allowed allegedly the autopsy while the family of deceased were not allowed so are the human rights activists except for Dr. Aida Seif El Dawla of Nedeem human rights center for short time.
Both men published their testimonies. Ahmed Siam published it on his blog “in Arabic” and Dr. T. Fouad found conflicts in that testimony. “English” Siam is under fire for defending the forensic authority and attacking Dr. Aida Seif El Dawla.
Maged Essam published his testimony in a note on Facebook “Arabic” where he insisted about the conclusion that Attar died because of that latex packet yet he made it clear that this does not deny or confirm he was not subjected to torture because that packet could be inserted by force.
The “Tahrir doctors” published a report in Arabic with what the alleged results of that autopsy. It mentioned the findings I mentioned above in more details. Of course they came under fire on how they say that and the group had to defend itself and to stick to their word.
On the other side We got the testimony of famous human rights activist Dr. Aida Seif El Dawla “not an autopsy specialist” where she stated how she was treated badly at the Zanihom morgue and how it was badly equipped. Seif El-Dawla also said that Siam and Essam were actually standing behind the doors of the autopsy room and did not let anyone in and were not overseeing the autopsy. “Here are parts of the testimony translated in English in DNE” 
I respect Dr. Aida very much, I trust her judgment as well yet I believe the only way to reach for the truth is to assign an independent panel of forensic experts from University like the one we had in the Khaled Said’s case that proved he was murdered. Yes I want an independent panel of forensic experts to re-examine Essam Atta’s body again because I am not a doctor.It is the only way to know the truth in our case here.
The confusion is also reached to the testimonies of his family members in the last 48 hours before his death but this is nothing compared to what you have seen above.
May Allah bless the soul of Atta in all circumstances.
The real importance of the case of Atta regardless of what it will reach to and regardless of whether he swallowed something that killed or he was tortured is that we are sending an important message : We are watching the MOI and we will not accept torture again whether the torture victim is an innocent or guilty , whether for poor or rich.
The idea is not the particular case of Atta but the case of the systematic torture in the Egyptian prisons as method of obedience and punishment.
This message can’t be achieved by emotions only , this message can be reached by rationality and logic thinking in order not to preserve the right of Essam “May Allah bless his soul” but other victims whether in the past or the present and to stop any future practice insh Allah. 
If we really seek the truth then we should accept it regardless of how painful it is. This is not a side fact , it is the core of our issue here.


  1. Respect >>> I don't beleive he killed him self swallowing this packet >>> 4 god sake the drugs are all around egypt under the vision and supervision of the police and specially in prisons ... what could make him do so !!!! >> simply if he want drugs .. u only have to ask kindly the prison guard and pay the fees !

  2. Egyptian revolution is failing and streets are empty!

    "Egyptian activist bloggers Alaa and Bahaa face military prosecution"

    More worrying is that MB and other significant parties are not furious about these military trials. They are willing to cede under militarys scare tactics especially when they suit them, bad, bad, bad!

    Also without MB there is no significant street protests, what are they playing? Why they don't join others condemning military trials?

  3. In case you are wondering, Egypt no longer has a revolution, it ran out of steam, still more serious than that, there will be no prospect of further revolutions because next time round the military and or security forces will intervene to stop it as in Syria. The same applies to Tunisia who lost big time thanks to Islamists who are now dividing a once united country into a divided one pro and anti Islamist, modernists and Islamo conservatives, as of Libya, well what can we say? nothing will ever come out of it except oil and probably the possibility of exporting unrest to Tunisia and Egypt, let us call Libya Iraq 2. So basically the Arabs will never be free.


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