Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grapel will leave the country While Nabil is still on hunger strike

Grapel , his mom and sister in Haifa
2006 "Reuters" 
Illan Grapel is going to be released and will leave the country with Leon Panetta , the U.S secretary of defense next Tuesday according to Al Hayat Newspaper. Unnamed official Egyptian source told Al Hayat that what Grapel did in Egypt did not reach to the espionage stage and his release could benefit Egypt economically !!
U.S congressman Gary Ackerman has already offered Egypt an increase in economic aids to Egypt and we need financial support now thus the deal is made. Grapel is expected to leave in Panetta’s jet during Panetta’s official visit to Cairo.
Of course this is unlike what the security forces claimed in Egypt in June 2011. I wonder what Sameh Zal Yazal or Hossam Swalliam will say now.  I know that in espionage there are always deals to exchange spies and agents in return of other spies or deals but to release him like that after the big campaign in the media needs more than “Guys they will pay us money !?”
Now at the same time Grapel will leave Egypt , Maikal Nabil is having a food strike that is killing him.  No need to speak about my views regarding Nabil again. What I wish for is that somebody convinces Nabil to end his strike because SCAF and the people thanks to the culture as well as his opinions will not care if he dies , this is an ugly truth but it is the truth. I do not want Nabil to the be the first blogger to die from hunger strike in Egypt honestly. What is difference between Grapel and Nabil now ? I think Grapel according to what the official sources claimed in June 2011 was more dangerous on our national security than Nabil.

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