Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Does Maged Boules Feel now !?

I wonder how Captain Maged Boules feels now when he saw what happened last Sunday at Maspero !?

How do Christian officers and soldiers feel now when they see the army they serving and ready to do for killing other Christians like that !?

What do they suppose to do ?

What if their relatives and friends were injured or killed last Sunday !?

I wonder what General Fouad Aziz would think if he were alive and saw what happened !?

I once read that during the October 6th war there was that commander who used Holy Quran and holy Bible verses to raise the real morale of his battle whether in preparation of war or during the battle , how many commanders do we have now with such mentality !?

I know what happened last Sunday was not sectarian but I can’t stop thinking in its consequences from all sides.

I do not believe about sectarianism in the army yet I believe what happened last Sunday shows a high level of social , political and military stupidity in a way that I can’t believe it.

I will not even speak about the fact that they were Egyptian people or humans

Logical says that someone will be a scapegoat in front of what happened yet based on what I see it seems to that it is the Egyptian TV.

It is not about the revolution anymore much about a whole nation’s destiny , it is about national unity. It is about society that really wants to rest after 30 years of agony , it is about angry revolutionary youth  , it is about an army that many inside Egypt and outside it in the Arab world consider as one of the last standing Arab armies , it is about a nation that is greater , bigger and older than couple of old generals who should have been retired from long time.


  1. I can see that you no longer lick Tantawy's arse PROGRESS!!!

  2. Ahavat Eretz Israel10/11/2011 09:07:00 PM

    Ha! Your army is a laughing stock! Killing unarmed civilians that is what they are good at. The old regime is back and soon we will be normal again.

  3. Tantawy and the SCAF are not the army, any more than Mubarak and the NDP were Egypt.

    Their loyalty is not to Egypt and to the Egyptian people, but to our mortal enemies, on whose behalf they willingly kill and torture and imprison Egyptians. If we allow them to, they will destroy our country, as Iraq and so many others have been destroyed.

    Only 8 months in power, and see what they have done. Now they want to stay in power for at least 2 more years -- can anyone imagine what additional damage they can do in that time?

    Will there even still be an Egypt left?

    The January 25th revolution demonstrated that when Egyptians join together, God intervenes and performs miracles. Tahrir Square was holy ground during those 18 days, and everyone who was there felt it.

    It's time for us to join together once again so that God will help us to save our country from the criminals who rule us.

    To those who still say that the SCAF "protected the revolution", yes, just like those kindly women who seek out little girls carrying money and tell them, "Give it to me, dear. I'll wrap it in a handkerchief to keep it safe, and give it right back to you." As the saying goes, "Hameeha harameeha."

  4. ذكرتي انك لا تصدقين ان هناك طائفيه في الجيش هنا اختلف معكي رغم تقديري الشديد لكي ساحكي لك عن موقف كنت شاهد عيان فيه اثناء فتره تجنيدي مجند مسيحي اشتكي لقائد سريته ان بطاقته العسكريه مدون بها انه مسلم الديانه و انه بريد تصحيح الخطأ نظر الضابط لبطاقته ورماها علي الارض قائلا هو انت تطول رأيت هذا بعيني فعل هذا امام عشرات من الجنود و الله علي ما اقول شهيد

  5. It's not a very well suited post; our army include Christians and Muslims and the revolution is protected by both. Don't study part of the picture while leaving the other one out in the cold; this way of handling adds more fuel to the fire.


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