Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 6th War Anniversary : October in Tahrir

I really hoped and wished that we would celebrate October 6th war anniversary in 2011 after the revolution in a better way , in more cheerful moods and in less tension in our country .

I really hoped that the generation of January 25 Revolution celebrates as it should the generation of October 6th war but unfortunately what I see now is not from disrespect from some at least on twitter I believe the Mubarak media machine really managed in 30 years to make young generations think it is just fake patriotism , nostalgia , associating it with SCAF generals to the level that they think anyone praises

It is worth to mention that this disrespect is only limited to a very few compared the huge majority of Egypt that truly respect and love this day genuinely. 

Tomorrow the army is invited the people to celebrate the anniversary of the October 6th War anniversary at Tahrir square “ yes at Tahrir square” and Unknown Solider tomb according to 76th message through its official Facebook page.

Some people believe that SCAF or the armed forces will show off at the square and it will mobilize their supporters in the Egyptian street including the Pro-Mubarak supporters.

The Tahrir square is  not a holy zone nor a zone for specific party banned on other parties , it is an open square for all Egyptians.

April 6th Youth are calling the people to join them at The unknown solider Tomb at 4 PM “I assume they took a permission” tomorrow October 6th where they will celebrate the anniversary suspending all the protests on that day. The movement has called the other political powers and movements to do the same and suspend all actions of protesting against SCAF on that day and respect the occasion. Both Fronts of the movement “Ahmed Maher and Democratic”actually agreed on the same thing for the first time.

I will be lying if I pretend that I am not worried from protests and clashes.The true Egyptian people “not the army” will not accept any foolish actions from any kind on that day , it will be extremely harmful to the revolution as it will prove the claims of ex-regime bastards that we work against the country and its armed forces.

The army has launched its celebrations actually earlier this week , yesterday the Egyptian air forces launched its air show in several governorates. I have not seen the air show , I only heard it. Some activists complained it is useless provoking airshow that wastes millions of pounds. Needless to say if SCAF was not screwing up , those activists would be celebrating the airshow.

Whether you like SCAF or the Egyptian army or not , this is our victory and we are celebrating it for the first time with Hosni Mubarak who truly killed the spirit of October 73 with his fake claims of heroism and the hypocrisy of those surrounded him in the entourage.

We should learn very important lessons from October 1973 in our revolution which are faith, planning and unity.

Hopefully insh Allah we will celebrate October 6th War next year with a true new elected parliament , a new president and a new constitution.

Actually now I am more optimistic then from couple of hours ago.

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