Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Road to Civil State : And the results of the Anan meeting with the parties are

First of all General Sami Anann held the meeting in a conference room without internet access so dear Mustafa Al Naggar of El Adl party could not keep us updated through his twitter on what was taking place behind the closed doors as he used to do , I do not know if it is on propose or not.
Second the meeting is finished and there are leaks online with results . The two men behind these leaks are Dr. Mustafa Al Naggar and journalist Mohamed El Garhey “It is not the first time he does it” plus Muslim brotherhood and El Nor Salafist party. It is officially announced in Cairo with official statement which you can find at the bottom of this post.
The decisions or promises reached are the following :
  • Decision “1” : Amending article no.5 from the elections to allow the parties to run for individual seats in the parliament. (1)
  • Decision “2” : In a week from now SCAF will study the suspension of the emergency law as well as it will study the treachery law to ban some of the NDP leaders from political activity. (2) 
  • Decision “3”  : All the parties including the Muslim brotherhood and Salafists announce their approval on Dr. Ali Salmi’s proposed Supra Constitutional document and the rules of choosing the constitution provisional assembly. (3)
  • Decision “4” : Local and international media and organizations will be allowed to follow the elections according to the elections committee sees. (4)
  • The first session of the people’s assembly will be held in the second half of January 2012 while the first session of the Shura council will be held on March 24,2012.
  • The joint session of the People’s assembly and Shura council will be held in the last week of March or the first week in April 2012 to choose the provisional committee that will put the constitution.
  • The candidacy for presidency will be officially opened day after the announcement of the constitution referendum’s results. The candidacy will be opened to 45-60 days (5)
  • The military trials for civilians are suspended except for the crimes mentioned in the military law.
(1) According to the current elections law the individual candidates will run for 1/3 of the seats in the parliament , this 1/3 is feared to turn in to something like Lebanon. 
(2) The offer from SCAF when it comes to treachery law is to ban the leading members of NDP from any political activity for 2 years. The question here is how the leading members they are going to ban when most of them are currently in jail. It is not the leading members only that are the problem but the rest of the members.
(3) I find it strange after two months of fight that reached to the level of calling Ali Salmi as the enemy of God in Sharaf’s cabinet the Salafists would accept the document. El Salmi is currently in London receiving treatment from a stroke.
(4) I can’t consider this as approval for international observation as it did not say the word “Observation” directly , plus it is up to the elections committee’s decision.
(5) This is a roadmap , indirect road map and actually when I see it , it still leads to the same conclusion I have reached before somehow , the presidential elections not before fall 2012 or winter 2013. The provisional assembly will not put a new constitution without a debate especially when it comes to the shape of the upcoming “Republic” whether it should be presidential or semi presidential or parliamentary. That debate can take two months because the army’s position will be brought up. We are speaking about August 2012 in worst case scenarios when it comes to constitution referendum . Of course I believe we can start the debate about the shape of the government now from to reach for some shape.

13 parties signed a statement with Anan regarding these points including : Al Wafd party , El Adl party, Freedom and Justice party , Al Noor party , El Karma party, The Arabic democratic Nasserite party , the democratic front party , The Free Egyptians party and the Egyptian Democratic Social party.
A scan of the statement p.1
"by Mohamed El Garhey" 
A scan of the statement p.2
"By Mohamed El Garhey"
These are promises so far , we will see if Anan is a man of his word or not. Personally I hope them taking place for the country and the revolution’s sake.
The promise is a debt for free man


  1. I think you twisted the words about the approval of Islamist about supra constitutional document, the Arabic photo says "to have a consent".

  2. Tantawy: 1-We could have done like Libya and Syria from the start! And what, listen to orders you NEVER took and shoot?! (Who did you protect the revolution from then?) 2-We have been very very patient towards the people! You work for this country, they are the ones who have been too patient with you and your clowns 3- We never got any orders to shoot! Why repeating this now with no reason whatsoever 4- I'm honest and fought for 40 years! Liars will always act defensive and we all heard this same line before


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