Friday, October 21, 2011

The SCAF Show : Cairo we got a problem

First here is the interview in video in Arabic for those who have not watched it. I apologized for any mistakes in yesterday’s coverage as I was technically sleeping.

Remarks :
  • When it comes to public relation and media , SCAF representatives did not help themselves for real despite SCAF chose two of its good speakers who know how to escape answers when they wanted.
  • The interview spoke about the Maspero incident , the government , the economy and lack of security aside from political transition.
  • Nobody brought up the military trials for civilians and virginity check.
  • The documentary introduction was good so were the questions of the viewers  to SCAF members. “Most of it came to criticize SCAF”
  • Mona El Shazly does not like having a co-host with her , it is fact based on this special episode with Ibrahim Eissa as well as its special episodes with Mahmoud Saad in the past. 
  • I think this will be not the last interview from its kind. 


  1. In Conclusion, As It Is For The Last 30 Years: Mubarak"s Generals Were Never Wrong...And They Are Never Wrong. They Should Be Forced To Go As Their Ex- General Mubarak Had Gone. As It Is Published In Al Jazeera By Judge Mohamed Fouad In The First Victory Of The Revolution 11th February 2011, The Revolution Demands And Requests Are NEW Constitution And Civilian Council. The Egyptian Revolution Requests Are Already Written And Published. We Need To See Them Implemented As Soon As Possible By Millions In Demonstrations. There Is No Other Way...Mubarak's Generals Have To Go.


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