Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SCAF speaks again to the media

And it was a matter of time when the generals return back to the TV channels to speak in talk shows once again especially in this critical time.

It was not a big surprise to me that the generals agree to speak once again on air on TV channels in some night talk show especially  now but the surprisingly they agreed to appear for the first time in a joint broadcast between two popular channels “Tahrir TV” and “Dream TV2”.

The generals will be interviewed by Ibrahim Eissa “Tahrir TV” and Mona El Shazly “ Dream TV2” . El Shazly was the first one to host on TV the generals if you remember in February 2011.

Dream TV2 announced earlier that people can send their questions whether through email or SMS or even through the Facebook page that I have discovered now to the generals because it is frankness confrontation !!

I do not know which generals will appear but I imagine among the generals we can find El Assar or Hegazy as they are good speakers

It is the first time in history of TV that a rival TV host like Yosri Fouda says that he will have a rerun for his show because he will watch that interview because on Thursday he will discuss the interview and what the generals will say.

الليلة حلقة معادة من آخر كلام كي يتسنى لنا جميعا متابعة المجلس العسكري مع منى وإبراهيم و غداً نقدم التحليلWed Oct 19 13:53:03 via web

Hours later we know who will be the guests of Fouda : Ibraim Eissa who will interview the generals and Alaa El Asawany who is currently criticizing the generals.

سوف اظهر غداً بإذن الله على اون تي في مع الكبيرين يسري فوده وإبراهيم عيسى للرد على ما سيقوله المجلس العسكري الليلةWed Oct 19 18:55:15 via Twitter for iPad

The show will start after few minutes , you can see it live on Tahrir TV live stream on YouTube. I will post it as soon as it is available online. 

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  1. Do you have a link to these video files on youtube or something? Would like to aggregate all SCAF appearances for archiving and research.. Thanks! :)



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