Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Syrian revolution : The LAS meeting "Updated"

The Arab minister of foreign affairs meeting in LAS will start at 6 PM Cairo local time today Sunday.
The expectations are high for this important meeting that is held by the request of the GCC. Reuters reported from a while ago that the suspension of Syria’s membership in the Arab league is on the table in one the strongest escalation against Syrian regime. Of course other sources with say that it will not reach to suspension of the membership.
If The suspension will be the second of its kind this year after the suspension of Libya under the Qaddafi rule.
Hundreds of Syrians currently are protesting in front of the LAS , they have burned already the Chinese and Russian flags. Some of them are raising Turkish flags.
Former Lebanese president/Prince of war Amin El Gemayel is in Cairo and met with our FM Kamel Amr. El Gemayel is insisting that the visit has nothing to do with Syria and he is not lobbying against it in Cairo.
This will be live updated from time to time.
Currently you can enjoy this fantastic video from WikiSham in Arabic.
Wiki Sham : Ban Ki Moon visits Syria
Ok Saudi Arabia is behind this meeting and it is behind the suspension decision as well. It seems that the only Arab countries that will stand against the suspension are : Yemen and Algeria. I think both countries stood with Qaddafi in the same way as well. I am not surprised form the official Yemeni regime's stand because it already kills its people but I do not understand the Algerian position. Is it fear from revolution fever or what !!
At the LAS from few hours "Reuters"
Anyhow from an hour ago the Syrian ambassador addressed the league while the Syrian protesters were "are still" protesting outside it.
The Syrian ambassador said that the internal problems of Syria are not an excuse for the international community to interfere in the Arab world adding that this will undermine the Arab world !! "As if dictatorship has not undermined it already for decades"
After praising the position of both Russia and China , Youssef Al Ahamed urged his Arab brothers to live up to their responsibility towards Syria and its sovereignty !!
The ambassador accused TV channels like Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya "did not name them" of launching a smear campaigns against Syria. "Actually against El Assad regime"
In the end Al Ahmed instead that Syria will continue on the path of reform and the terrorists will not win !!!!!
Thanks for Shaima Khalil for her amazing twitter reporting , I was away from home and TV and found it very informative
Today the Syrian observatory stated that not less 900 citizens have been arrested and detained in Homs since last week.
The Syrian people protested today demanding the Arabs to do the right thing and to stand against El Assad regime.
@9:11 PM 
Now sources say to Al Arabiya News network that the Arab countries will give Syrian regime another two weeks for rapid reforms before suspending Syria's official membership
@9:48 PM
The LAS  has reached out that it will hold talks in Cairo between Syrian opposition and Syrian regime in 15 days.
Yemen , Algeria and Lebanon are against the suspension decision. 

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