Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#Tahrir : Tantawty’s first speech

And here’s Tantawy first speech on November 22nd , 2011

ERTV: Tantawy’s speech

And Field Marshal Tantawy spoke at last. In nutshell here is what he says :

  • He presents his condolences to the families of the victims of the latest clashes. “He did not mention martyrs or Tahrir , of course I am not a Tahrir cultist but I care more for the martyrs and those who lost their eyes ”
  • He did not mention why these clashes erupted or how.
  • He kept speaking on how the Egyptian army does not want rule or power and it is from the Egyptian people. He reminded us again that the Egyptian army did not shoot any Egyptian. “I will not even comment on this”
  • He spoke about the bad economic situation in Egypt and how SCAF tolerated all the attempts to defame and suspect the intentions of SCAF.
  • One thing our dear Tahririans should learn from SCAF and its statements “ The great people of Egypt” 
  • Now to the most important part in his speech, the decisions or rather concessions :
  1. Presidential elections by June 2011
  2. Parliamentary elections in time.
  3. A new national  cabinet with powers shared with SCAF , the resignation of Essam Sharaf was accepted.
  4. SCAF welcomes a referendum whether it should return back to the barracks .

These concessions were the decisions reached in the meeting of Anan and the political parties and figures.

The speech style reminds us with the old speeches of Mubarak. Of course some will wonder on how his speech was recorded and edited like that by the army and I will tell them it is a natural thing when we speak about junta mind

Tahrir square does not like what he said because they want revenge for those who were killed and those were and are injured , I do not know yet about the rest of the Egyptians. According to many friends Tantawy was speaking to the people in homes who want elections.

Strangely despite the usual Pro-SCAF people are calling TV shows , there was that high tune of criticism towards Tantawy by some political figures and commentators as well some telephone callers.

Now there is extremely important decision : The Maspero Clashes case as well the latest Tahrir clashes are being referred to the civilian court aka to the general prosecution according to statement no.82 issued right after the speech.This is great news for Alaa Abdel Fatah.

The clashes between protesters and security forces are still on in several areas in Egypt whether in Alexandria or in Ismailiyia or Asuit. Of course I am not worried about Asuit because knowing the Upper Egyptian mentality I know the security forces will be really in big fat trouble if they kill half the number it killed in Cairo. I am worried about Ismailiyia. I am extremely worried on how the Ultras are clashing with the security forces especially that they are extremely in young age.


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