Sunday, November 27, 2011

Country in Crisis : ElBaradei and Abu El Fatouh give up presidency if …

The talk about the upcoming cabinet has not finished through out the day in a way that gives you a headache.
Ganzoury met with a group of alleged revolutionary youth from Tahrir whom nobody heard about before. Mustafa El Nagar said that he refused to hold a position in Ganzoury’s cabinet and April 6th youth movement refused to hold talks with him as well.
Several personalities have declined the position of minister of information including Adel Hammouda and Magdy El Gald, I swear if one of them accepted the position , I would start camping in front of the cabinet myself.
The former/new PM announced later he is ready to have an advisory council made of ElBaradei and other potential presidential candidates. Rumors say that Faiza Abu El Naga is still in the cabinet.
A group of Tahrir protesters announced their own government and own council in a surreal way alone. 
Mohamed ElBaradei met Tantawy and Anan Saturday’s morning at SCAF’s HQ , some say for minutes while others say for hours , of course based on this photo showing ElBaradei with Tantawy having tea , I will assume it was longer than 10 minutes.
ElBaradei with the field marshal
Amr Moussa also met Tantawy at SCAF , some say that it was a short meeting based on the fact that he did not have a drink with the generals.

I know ElBaradei supporters are just like Lady Gaga’s little monsters !!! looooooool
From few hours ago potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei announced that he is ready to give up presidency for heading a national salvation cabinet.
After other few hours potential presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh announced in a TV show that he and ElBaradei as well as Hamdeen are ready to give up presidency for the national salvation cabinet.
The question is how we are going to have the national salvation cabinet.
A group of political forces and movements called for a million man protest on Sunday  in Tahrir square against the upcoming Ganzoury’s cabinet. I doubt there will be a big turnout as everybody is busy in the elections that will start on Monday.
And that’s folks it is just like the 1920s –1930s but unfortunately we do not have a strong party like El Wafd that units all Egyptians , we do not have the politicians like El Nahas or Makram Ebid with my all due respect to all those political figures we have now.


  1. I cannot understand the problem among some of you with ElBaradei: because Freemasonry? So what? All of them are not Skulls and Bones with secret intelligence and/or as Bankers:) many have fight for freedom and education and against tyranny. I'm not a Freemason and do not appreciate this sort of organisation but I'm from a country where many politicians having well institutionalized in the past were masons. Specially the three seperated powers : judicial, legislative, executive, each one having the ability of compensating the other if it abuses against people, and so on till the simple citizen have the right of critical insubordination, all was coming from the masons in the XVIIIth and XIXth. But in addition it is only for a transitional government to release political prisoners, to restore freedom, prepare a democratic constitution, boost economy, eliminate torture, and prepare the conditions of the vote for democratic presidential elections. So why not? He is a pacifist.

  2. I just would like to share this experience with you. I am an Egyptian living in California. I registered on time…tried to vote by mail, but the site didn’t allow me to have access to the ballots. When I called the consulate in LA, they asked me to try again because there were many people trying to access the site at the same time. They told me that I could mail it or submit it in person the next morning (Saturday, November 26th. I finally printed the ballots and voted, but it was late. I decided to take it in person to the consulate on Saturday. I called again, and the recorded message doesn’t say anything about elections or on which days they work. When I got there, the consulate was closed. I pushed the envelope under the door. The embassy and consulate are not doing a good job concerning the elections. Other people have similar complaints

  3. Faiza Abu El Naga!!! When will the day come when this remnant of Mubarak's regime is finally purged? This woman has squandered billions of foreign aid and is responsible for the dreadful state of development on the country side. IRHAL YA FAIZA! IRHAL!


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