Friday, November 4, 2011

El Deeb tries to make you feel sad for poor old Mubarak in Eid time !!

Farid El Deeb is once again trying to win the sympathy of the world for the old poor Mubarak whose people turned against him , the poor old Mubarak who does not attack anyone or insult anyone where as the media is attacking him day and night. “According to many testimonies Mubarak is from the rudest people when it comes to subordinates”

Farid El Deeb revealed in an interview with Foreign policy that the current Egyptian government is paying the ousting president Mubarak’s health bills in the international medical center according to the Egyptian law !! Oh Yes technically we are paying for his bills.

The controversial attorney also revealed that Suzanne Mubarak , the former first lady lives off with LE 93,000 “$15,500” insisting that the couple do not own anything dollar inside or outside the country except only the LE 6 million we are supposed to believed that they have.

So the former first lady Suzanne Mubarak takes LE 93,000 as pension !! Well she is surely one lucky former first lady because former first lady lady used to received LE 900 as a civilian pension despite her husband was a military. Of course after 30 years and after humiliation and requests Gihan El Sadat gave up her husband “Sinai Star” medal of honor in return of increasing the pension to LE 4,000.

Can I understand why does Gihan Sadat take LE 4,000 while Suzanne Mubarak takes LE 93,000 ?

I have no problem that Suzanne Mubarak takes this pension but can she at least have the dignity and pay for husband’s hospital bills !?

Back Farid El Deeb , I am tired of his attempts to make us as the world feel sorry for the sweet old Mubarak who just like any human did couple of mistakes !! Enough of this crap because nobody is buying it.


  1. ياه ياه يارب وبعد كل اللي حصل وبعد السجون والتعذيب والتغريب والتهليب والفقر والقرف والمعيشه الضنكي والغير آدميه بيعتبر ان مبارك مسكين ولم يرتكب أخطاء غير قليل بما يوحي انه كأي انسان- مبارك ارتكب من الأخطاء مالم يرتكبه رئيس قبله من عهد ثوره 52 ومن قبلها لم يجرؤ حاكم ان يفعل مافعله مبارك كيف هان كل شعب مصر عليه بكل طوائفه وعذبت البنات والشبان وكل حر شريف قال قوله حق كيف جري ماجري للفقراء الذين ازدادوا غلبا وتقهقروا بعيشتهم لادني مستوي ممكن وغير ممكن كيف دابت الطبقه الوسطي في خضم قسوه الحياه في عهده وفي النهايه نام علي سريره متمطيا غير مهتم بما يحدث من فوضي هو المسئول عن الترتيب لها لتمكين ابنه من حكم مصر هو رجل لم يصدق ولم يعرف الصدق هواناني هو وامرأته وأولاده يموت الشعب ونحيا نحن وفي النهايه يحرك ابنه( من كان يعده لحكم مصر) اصبعه بفاحش الفعل للناس يعني من الآخرطظ في كل الناس هذا جزء يسير مما فعله المخلوع الغير مبارك الذي كان سنوات حكمه ذلا وقهرا وعنفا وفي النهايه فوضي بانانيه وتفريط لكن ان شاء الله يحمي مصر منه ومن اذنابه وليوقع عليه حكمه في الدنيا والآخره

  2. Zenobia
    do you know the pensions of military?
    Is there some resource to find the average pensions depending on rank and do you know if they vary for instance.
    Brigadier who retired today.
    Would he receive the same amount as a brigadier from 67 war.
    Would they both paid get the same pension today?
    What I mean is would the rank of brigadier no matter when he retired still get the same pension?
    Do you know the average pension of say a brigadier from the 67 war?
    Thanks for any info

  3. How can we forget or forgive the 850 young hopeful Egyptians who lost their lives to the henchmen of the Mubarak family? How can we forget or forgive the many thousands that were murdered and tortured during the 30 years of Mubarak's reign? He and his family (yes all of them) created this dreadful regime. It does not matter who finally pulled the trigger: It is them who are the ones responsible.


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