Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For the first time in the history of Al Ahram !!

This can’t be ignored in a way or another because it is a historical thing. Without any fancy introductions Al Ahram newspaper that used to call the Muslim brotherhood the banned group from a year has published a half page colored ad for Freedom and justice , the MB’s party in its 5th page today !!
Tomorrow is better , Freedom and justice party
by Hany Rasmy
Now the ad says that “Tomorrow is better” showing a chubby smiling Egyptian family along with the famous logo of FJP “We hold good for Egypt”
I wonder how Ahmed Mossa feels now.
By the way Khairat El Shater , the famous MB leader who was among the famous victims of the military trials in time of Mubarak has at last spoken against the military trials on behalf the Muslim brotherhood group.


  1. is this is normal? the young kid with Hijab?

  2. Ahahaha! that fetus is wearing a hijab!

  3. The country will eventually fall in the hands of the MB and SCAF.

  4. I don't understand how you think this is an improvement. The MB is the new darling of our fascist, murdering, military dictatorship, so it's hardly a cause for optimism that the SCAF allow them to advertise in the state media (the state media that just a few weeks ago was inciting Muslims to go out and attack Copts).

    They're also distributing meat subsidized by the Armed Forces in poor neighborhoods to buy votes. Are you all excited about that, too?

    What would be "historical" is if the Ahram or any other state media stopped maligning, defaming and threatening our heroes who truly represent the values and goals of the revolution: liberty, human dignity and human rights for all Egyptians, and especially social and economic justice.

    The MB represent none of these -- above all they are opportunists willing to cut a deal with Satan himself, with the United States and Saudi Arabia and Israel and the military junta, all the enemies of freedom and of the revolution, in order to get the power they crave.

    Yesterday, they were more or less outsiders in the centers of power (although they still controlled most syndicates and were allowed to continue recruiting and publishing and amassing huge business fortunes and getting financed from the Gulf and other foreign sources).

    Today, they're sitting in the lap of the absolute military dictatorship and dangling their legs, laughing at those who fought and died and sacrificed for freedom.

    They clearly believe that eventually they'll also be able to turn against and replace the SCAF, as they tried to do with Nasser, as they succeeded in doing with the January 25th revolutionaries, because that is what they've always done and they seem incapable of doing anything but repeating the same old patterns, over and over.

    None of this serves the cause of freedom or dignity or independence for Egyptians. Didn't you learn anything from the past 9 months?

    Z, wake up, for the love of God!

  5. Have you seen this?!/AlyaaGad/status/131627471408857089/photo/1/large

    Salafi cover a mermaid with hijab.

    I don't whether to laugh or cry

  6. @Alice, such contortions you go through to blame Americans and Jews for everything.

  7. @Jason, shoo fly.

  8. @Jason

    During the Mubarak regime (of which the today's SCAF belonged to) Egypt became the second largest beneficiary of US Aid in the world after Israel, in addition to 1.5 billion USD in military aid a year (at least, military expenditure in Egypt is secret). This collaboration has included the service of the use of Egyptian prisons for "extraordinary renditions" of the US administration's "enemy combatants" as it is so conveniently called, which is to say illegal extra-judicial incarceration and torture. People like Alaa Mubarak and Omar Soliman were directly involved in the torture of several of the US's "enemy combatants" with the full knowledge of the US administrations. Mini Abu-Ghraibs all over Egypt. Omar Soliman as you remember was who Obama "urged" the people of Egypt to hand the power to during the Tahrir demonstrations, something the people, of course, refused. Going further,large-scale corruption during the massive privatisation, where assets if an estimated 100 billion USD were sold for a value of 10 billion USD (that is to say a 90 billion USD loss) has been fuelled by US administrations and US private companies have profited greatly. The list continues.

    Now, all that may have been done with the intention of helping the Egyptian people, but I am doubtful of that to say the least, and am rather of the opinion that the US administrations has spent considerable resources in maintaining the despotic violent regime in Egypt, and are an important factor in how the Mubarak regime survived that long. And I am of the opinion that the same can be said about the support to the SCAF.

    Now, as done before in e.g. Central and South America, the US administrations and organisations have been supporting "both sides" and the US/CIA have been working with the MB since 2005. The Obama administration is supporting and cultivating what one calls "moderate islamism" at the cost (or to counteract, some would say) the modernist, secular, democratic and liberal movements. Not only in Egypt, but in Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen as well.

    So there isn't really any need for any contortions to point the blame towards US administrations, past and present. Not pointing any blame is in my opinion to close one's eyes and completely ignore the history of the US foreign policy in the middle east, in latin america, in iran, afghanistan, etc.

    Of course not all the blame, but that was, to my understanding, not insinuated by Alice at all. So why say so?

    That being said, I think the debate in Egypt largely distinguishes between US administrations and Americans. Not to the same extent, but still present, the a distinction is made between Zionism/Israel and Judaism. I suggest that we all try to do the same.

    Some references:
    US-aid to Egypt:

    Extraordinary renditions:


    US backing of moderate islamists in Egypt:
    MB in Egypt:

    In the region:

  9. @Alice, America is not the source of tyranny in the middle east nor the enemy of freedom. Yes, at times, we do ignorant things as bad men wield power for there own good. But we the people of America watch for these snakes who slither past elections to fatten their wallets. Eventually they all show their true colors, and eventually we the people remove them from power with votes not bullets. It is our prayer that Good prevails and all live in peace. We are not your enemy despite the evil men who slip past our guard. Your enemy lives in every town, on every street, among us all. He's not any one nation, tribe or people. Satan is not a nation!! He's the enemy of Good. He only prevails where good men are deceived and cower at the face of EVIL, no matter the nation!


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