Thursday, November 3, 2011

#FreeAlaa :Alaa is still detained

Our dear blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah aka @Alaa is still detained by the orders of the military prosecution. The military prosecution has refused the appeal presented by his lawyers today at C28. Thus Alaa is going to spend the rest of the 15 days pending investigation in detention. He is being accused of 4 charges including stealing military arms and attacking military soldiers.According to military prosecution he is not being prosecuted because he is an activist but rather accused of stealing weapons. 
Seif was transferred to Tora prison today , according to his family it is better. Several lawyers represented Alaa today beside his father Ahmed Seif Al Islam , he was represented by lawyers Ahmed Ragab and Montaser El Ziyat , the Islamist lawyer and current lawyers’ syndication candidate.
Alaa’s picture found its way to Occupy Oakland and on Saturday insh Allah there will be a protest in solidarity with Alaa in London at Occupy London sit in in front of the St. Paul Cathedral
Alaa Abdel Fatah’s op-ed or rather letter he sent from couple of days ago is published in the Guardian : “After Egypt’s revolution, I never expected to be back in Mubarak’s jails”. The letter was also published in Al Shorouk newspaper in Arabic as well. 
I really hoped that Alaa would be freed tonight and he would spend the Eid along with his family and attend his son Khaled’s birthday. Many people expected that Alaa would released tonight but I believe we underestimate the military stubbornness in my point of view.
The military will not release Alaa except if he apologize or whatever, they will not release him now because it will make them look bad “as if they are not already in front of the world”
I hope that this military stubbornness does not exceed 15 days pending investigation insh Allah. 
Alaa got more supporters now including potential presidential candidates like Abu El Fatouh and Salim El Awa.

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  1. The imprisonment of Alaa and others is a diversion tactic By SCAF from going after the real killers. A number of copts, and a one soldier were similarly assassinated by a single untraceable pullet resemble work of snipers. Those snipers are not amateurs or freelancers acted emotionally due to TV incitement. This is premeditated, coordinated and commanded work striking for the second time. This killing couldn’t have happened without advance intelligence thru those directing actions in the ground.

    With 27 bodies is any one prosecuted for murder? Is the military prosecutor capable, or willing, to solve this mystery?


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