Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ganzouri means Ex-Prime minister now !! “Updated”

This post was written in early morning , currently Google translator has fixed its problem but I think it should be posted for the sake of effort.
I want to translate online a phrase that includes the word “Ganzouri” from English to Arabic , I will recommend that you search for an online translation service than Google translate.
Yes search for another translation than Google translate because “Ganzouri” is translated in to Arabic as “The ex-prime minister” !!
A screencap for google translate 
Kamel El Ganzouri is our newest appointed prime minister , the third this year.
Here is a screencap for two words I tried in the morning “Tantawy and Ganzouri” and what I found
I found this through a tip from a friend.I think someone recommended better translation
Interesting !!

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  1. Google Translate doesn't work by having an online dictionary to look up, it works by using a vast database of documents that have been translated between different languages. So, when you look up "former Prime Minister", it finds a large number of results linked to Al Ganzouri's name and thinks that it must be the meaning of that phrase. I imagine it has similar problems with other names and titles.


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