Saturday, November 19, 2011

#Tahrir : Camel Battle No.2 "Live blogging"

I think you probably have known what is taking or has taken place at Tahrir square better than me as I have been sick all day long and when I woke up ,I found out another camel battle at Tahrir square. In brief CSF tried to dispersed the sit in of yesterday by forces but failed then returned back by full force to disperse the sit in with tear gases grenades , rubber bullets and gunshots.
Now not less than 600 are injured according to the ministry of health. There are field hospitals at Tahrir square especially the old field hospital behind KFC and they need medical supplies.
There are not less tens of thousands at the Tahrir square with the intention of a sit in.
Blogger and activist Malek Mustafa was injured in his right way , he was shot in his right eye and currently is having a surgery. Hopefully insh Allah he will not lose his eye. Malek married blogger and activist Fatma Abed from couple of months ago and that amazing young lady was adopting the revolution’s injured cause. Please pray for them.
Cairo : Egyptian activist Malek Mustafa loses his right eye
Blogger and photojournalist Ahmed Abdel Fatah from Al Masry Al Youm has lost his eye and is currently having a surgery in Kasr Al Aini. Abdel Fatah was from the famous photojournalists in Egypt. 

Update :

Both Malek and Abdel Fatah are fine. We will know the condition of their eyes in the upcoming days.
Journalist and activist Rasha Azab is reportedly injured in the clashes. Not less than 10 reporters have been injured. 2 are reportedly detained. Blogger and journalist Hossam Hamalawy is fine and free contrary to twitter rumors.
The journalists’ syndication has announced that it will sue those who attacked journalists from ministry of interior.
Prime minister Essam Sharaf has issued a statement calling the citizens to evacuate the Tahrir square immediately.
Most political powers and parties
Potential presidential candidate Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail has arrived at Tahrir square with hundreds of his supporters and he told the people that there will be a sit in from tonight.
Mohamed Salim El Awa has arrived too.

Potential presidential candidate Bothiana Kamel is there as well. Potential Presidential Mohamed ElBaradei warned from the excusive barbaric violence and that saving Egypt is a national duty now.

عنف مفرط و أسلوب همجى. إنقاذ مصر واجب وطنى لا يحتمل التأخيرSat Nov 19 18:42:16 via Twitter for iPad
There are unconfirmed news that ElBaradei is heading to Tahrir square and that he will form a national unity cabinet.
Potential Presidential candidate Ayman Nour is heading as well to the square. Amr Hamzawy has halted his parliamentary campaign temporarily
It is unclear if the Muslim brotherhood will participate in the protests or not as its leaders saying that they are against the protests but the youth of the MB are there. The general guide of MB asked on twitter all Egyptians to restrain themselves and not to defame the revolution.
There are protests in solidarity since the noon in Suez , Port Said. Alexandria , Sohag , Qena and Tanta.
The rumors mill is moving so fast in Egypt. We do not know if the parliamentary elections to be held.
Siyad Sidhom , the minister of interior’s aide is speaking on TV and claims that the CSF did not have a single bullet whether rubber bullet or gunshots. Ok what are these ? All these images were taken today from Tahrir square.

Now the Egyptian police uses tear gas grenades from China and USA !!

Here are photos from Tahrir today.
From Mohamed Shestawy

From Sarah Carr

From Hossam Hamalawy

Story is developing by the minute

@10:48 PM :

Egyptian TV has announced field Marshal Tantawy is going to address the nation !!


  1. PM Essam Sharaf you have finally shown your true colors! Down with you and down with the regime! May all those attacking the protesters burn in hell forever. Allahu akbar!

  2. sorry to hear you are not feeling well Z. I hope you will recover soon insyallah. thank you for this post. I didnt watch Egyptian tv for a long time since it makes me upset. i pray for Egypt.

  3. As usual, so greatful for what you are doing!!

    i guess you and Egypt both got infected by high fever.

    so once again thanx. it is amazing job what you are doing :-)

  4. @Zeinobia "Now the Egyptian police uses tear gas grenades from China and USA !!" And guess who supplied the canisters to the police? Zionist Jews!


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