Saturday, December 31, 2011

#1960s : Egypt in colored footage

This clip is amazing , it is from that promotional material produced in Egypt for tourism in 1960s.

Cairo and Alexandria in 1960s

It is a glimpse from our past in Cairo and Alexandria, please enjoy it with the amazing sound of Dalida.


  1. et oui l'égypte vivait un moment magnifique
    les femmes son belle dalida ancienne miss égypte .
    et la le retour du moyenne arrive avec les islamistes.
    le premier pays arabe moderne comme l'europe
    se ferme .
    le liban beyrouth prend la place de l'égypte
    2012 pour moi l égypte les femmes sera pas libre
    avec les islamistes............................

  2. In those days Egyptian ladies dressed like normal people, not ninjas.

  3. Jason, are only westernized Egyptians of the 1960s, "normal people" in appearance?

    Your constant ethnocentric commentary is tiresome. The belief that westernization equals modernization died with the end of the colonial era. Please examine your prejudices and try to think critically in 2012. Happy New Year.

  4. Yeah check your privileges Jason. Obviously keeping women locked away and only letting them go out in public when accompanied by a Mahrem and covered in a Niqab is just a different cultural way of doing things and one is no better than the other!

    1. Ya and beating you up for having a different opinion and killing you rather then defending your right of having a different opinion than mine is just a different cultural way of doing things but they are morally equal. I think you need to recheck your concepts Mr. Foreign awareness. Freedom and oppression are not equal values. I say tomato and.........


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