Monday, December 26, 2011

Did the EU commission really issue that statement !?

First of all we all know that some bad , some illegal gases were used against the peaceful protesters at Mohamed Mahmoud street without doubt based on the testimonies of protesters and doctors in those 48 hours then and based on that videos showing the side effects of these gases.
Today Tahrir newspaper published a report spread online as report issued by the European commission to prove that the army committed war crimes against the protesters in Egypt , that report appeared at first in news website and you can imagine the buzz it caused. The report in Mujaz was first published by journalist Mohamed Abdel Khalek in Rosa Al Youssef Daily newspaper. It was also published in Al Fagr newspaper website
First thing we can’t find any reference for this report internationally or in the European commission website. I tried to find it in English but failed so far.
Most of reports speak and spoke that the security forces used CR gas then yet that report boldly claims that the White phosphorus , of course what supported this claim is the two horrible bodies filmed at the morgue then where nobody can find a good explanation on why they looked like that. “In fact we did not hear that they were reclaimed or the families of these two deceased May Allah bless their souls or who were they at all !!? Where did they go !? We need to know what happened to them ”
That alleged EU commission report was prepared by about 100 professor and expert from Egypt and abroad and many of them allegedly are teaching in international universities , this number is enough to create buzz but no one came to the media and spoke about the use of chemical weapons in Mohamed Mahmoud street battles except Dr. Ahmed Moatez for few times and then he disappeared . If anyone knows Dr. Ahmed Moatez personally , please tell him to come forward again and tell us more about that report.
I tried to search for these names hoping to find an English version of the report with more details , the first name is Dr. Richard Pierre Romany , Professor of Chemical Warfare in University of Cambridge and what I found is that Dr. Richard Pierre Claud has passed away in last April 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I searched more deep I found that in November 30th,2011 the Nadeem center published a statement accusing the security forces whether police or army of using poisonous chemical gases against the protesters as well the United States and Israel of supplying the security forces the security forces with CR gas , CS gas and VX gas. Nadeem center demanded an international investigation in what it considered a genocide against the Egyptian people.
It is worth to mention that it turned the security forces in those clashes used very old tear gases from two decades ago as well !!
When I cross-checked the statement of Nadeem to that alleged EU commission report, I feel that the alleged EU commission report copied the Nadeem’s statement except parts about the white phosphorus alleged tear gas deals between Egyptian army and American companies. I also found the first five names in that report in Nadeem’s statement as the experts who examined these gases in November 2011 in that alleged EU commissions.
I feel that this is just complied report from Nadeem statement’s findings and other information spread online about the tear gases deal between Egypt and the States then whoever made it decided to stick the name of EU commission on not to put some sort of creditability without knowing it is jeopardizing the rights of the protesters with this move !!
We are in a very critical time and we do not need anyone to suspect our integrity and creditability because we need people to believe us in this dirty game of media.
Either we will be careful in every word we publish enforced with evidence so nobody would accuse of being liars or we wait hard till get a real evidence or just say the trust as it is even if it is not what we want.
We have to be careful because currently there is a psychological warfare based on spreading rumors and lies in order to spread both fear and to increase that fire of anger between all Egyptians.
Whatever was used in Mohamed Mahmoud street , I believe whoever used it against the peaceful protesters is going to pay the price sooner or later.
P.S : It is the first time to know that there were strange gases used n Ismailia clashes , I remember that I followed the protests there and what was reportedly used there was live ammunition.


  1. I could not find this called rapport in European Council site.

  2. Apart from Fallujah, the Middle East could know about the targets of israeli to Gaza with white phosphorus bombs and chemical experimental weapons (in 2009). Searching - without result - about a report from EU Commission. But I remember to have read such an article there are several weeks. May be you can found something to follow at the declaration from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights some days ago?

  3. Hi Zeinobia, Thank you for this interesting and important blog post. Let me make one correction. You linked to the Nadeem center report. I looked at it and at Google's English translation. It does not refer, as you say, to VX gas. It refers instead to something called "mvx" gas. This is a confusion, or a mistake, or perhaps even an intentional deception on Nadeem's part.

    The description of the substance as a persistent agent lasting for 60 days suggests that VX gas is what they meant.

    There is a serious problem with the Nadeem report. It claims that the gas is "produced by America" which is false and in fact an outrageous piece of anti-Western propaganda. The production and stockpiling of VX was outlawed by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993. Since that time banned chemical weapons have been manufactured, stockpiled and used only by Muslim despots.

    The Nadeem report should not be taken seriously. Falsus in unum, falsus in omnibus.

  4. me too could not find it neither on EU commission site neither on Google search?

  5. Tahrir is also publishing a followup, still not credible in my humble opinion:

  6. Zenobia you wrote this:

    "Dr. Richard Pierre Romany , Professor of Chemical Warfare in University of Cambridge and what I found is that Dr. Richard Pierre Claud has passed away in last April 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    You are talking about 2 different men!!!!!!

    One Romany and one Claude?????

  7. Dear anonymous there is no Romany at all !! Just try to search it

  8. I just read the very same article on i looked up on the internet i just found ur article and i also went to the EU Commission web site and found no trace of that alleged report.

    The question is who would spread such hoax, i don't think it's someone on our side, i think it could be those who we call "Electronic Committee", these kind of alleged closures are not in our side by any mean.

    I'm sure that something in what was happening to us in "Mohamed Mahmoud St." wasn't right, and someone don't want the truth to prevail.

    يسقط يسقط حكم العسكر

  9. This was mentioned a lot in the Western papers, e.g. here
    with video
    and al masry al youm claiming Dr. Rania Fouad died from teargas-caused asphyxiation here
    all of which you probably already read, but I don't remember anything else. I would have, as i've followed Egypt closely (god knows why) and, being unemployed now, am exposed to large amounts of news. (You try watching the other trash they have on tv! From what i remember working abroad, the BBC does it's best to embarrass us in front of foreigners by collating the worst of its output and transmitting it nonstop on special channels aired only abroad,which, if you're unlucky, will extend as far as Egypt.(Speaking of which, you're in the European Song Contest aren't you? Is the Maghreb sort of Europe, like Turkey?)) And war crimes sounds unlikely. I wrote to the american embassy after Maspero, seeing as they fund your overlords, no point wasting time on the british, and got a letter back which could fairly be summarised as 'We have asked them to behave well.' I was completely shocked when Mrs. Clinton (i think when she said 'Mr.Mubarak was such a nice man,we used to have him round to tea' at the start of it all was the most hilarious thing of 2011. Everyone who could name him here knew it was a police state here, so-) when she actually got cross about the woman in the blue bra and some groping. I'm glad she did, but don't understand why it took that in particular to make her angry, it didn't seem to bother her when her husband was accused in america (there were a couple of harrassment cases before Lewinsky happened) and why wouldn't the earlier murders, torturing and imprisonment without trial of thousands bother her? That thing she said was easily the angriest i remember any western organisation (except eg Amnesty etc) saying.

  10. @Maia "Speaking of which, you're in the European Song Contest aren't you?" The Eurovision Song Contest you mean. No, Egypt has never participated.


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