Saturday, December 24, 2011

#EgyElections : Second stage results “individual seats”

Ok here are the second stage of the parliamentary elections’ results for the individual seats :
  • 40 seats for Freedom and Justice party “Muslim brotherhood”
  • 13 seats for Nour party “ The Salafists”
  • 1 seat for reform and development party “Mohamed Anwar El Sadat JR”
  • 4 seats for the independent candidates “Including Amr El Shobaki”
  • 2 seats for the former NDP members “Mainly in Upper Egypt”
Now in this round the Islamists “Muslim brotherhood and Salafists as well” got about 88% of the seats in this round.
I do not know exactly the results of the lists but without doubt the Freedom and Justices will be in the lead.

Updated : Ok I found that graph from Al Wasat party showing the results of the lists in second stages.
  1. Freedom and Justice list comes in the first place.
  2. The Nour list comes in the second place.
  3. The Wafd party list comes in the third place
  4. The Egyptian bloc list comes in the fourth place
  5. The Wasat party list comes in the fifth place.
  6. The reform and development party list comes in the sixth place
  7. The Misr Nationalist party list comes in the seventh place.
  8. The Revolution continues list come in the eighth place.
Of course no one is paying attention to the results of the elections despite this upcoming parliament is from the good future scenario for peaceful transition . “opposing for the bad scenarios
Many political forces are calling SCAF to hand over the power to the speaker of the parliament after its first session on January 23th 2012. 

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  1. en final les salafiste son pas loin des frère musulmans.
    on que luxor il son 2eme.
    les militaires vaut t il donné le pouvoir au islamiste.
    les frères musulmans il devrait prendre le modèle turc.
    les turc on réussie cars la croissance et 8%..
    VOUS AVEZ PAS LE CHOIX..................


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