Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It is a wonderful world indeed

Good morning people , it is a wonderful big world indeed we live in.

BBC–It is wonderful world

The man who covers “What a wonderful world” in his own way is Sir David Attenborough.


  1. the funny comment I ever read about it was " someone says that I recommend it to play it in my funeral ..!!" while he watch the song by Louis Armstrong in youtube

    Really it shows one who miss this world when he leave to unknown where it may be better or worst then he regret to left !!..

  2. David Attenborough is my hero! Thanks for posting it!

  3. @Zeinobia, this is regarding your embedded Wonderful World video. At 1:35 take note of the scene with polar bears.

    I enjoy Sir David Attenborough's nature documentaries as much as the next guy, but just yesterday it was reported in The Mirror that he is at the center of a scandal concerning the filming of the documentary Frozen Planet from which the above-mentioned scene was taken:

    "It emerged yesterday a key scene from the hit BBC series showing a polar bear tending her newborn cubs was filmed in a zoo using fake snow.

    Mixing real Arctic shots with zoo scenes, documentary makers fooled the audience into believing the footage was gathered by intrepid cameramen in the brutal sub-zero wilderness.

    See Frozen Planet fakery row: Polar bear filmed in zoo for details, and More ursus bogus – this time with fake snow on BBC’s “Frozen Planet”. There are many reader comments along the lines of this one:

    "Sir David Attenborough, the BBC’s face for nature, is a liar."

  4. Update. Frozen Planet scandal: Sir David Attenborough defends fake polar bear footage. "viewers will be disappointed to find out that Sir David is yet another TV presenter they cannot totally trust."


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