Thursday, December 15, 2011

Language of Numbers : 69 political prisoners

PM Kamel El Ganzouri held a press conference on last Tuesday where he stated the following interesting numbers :

  • 20,103 political prisoners have been released from February 2011 till this week.
  • 68 political prisoners are currently in jail.
  • 47 out of these 68 political prisoners are sentenced
  • 13 out of these 68 political prisoners are sentenced to death
  • 8 out of these 68 political prisoners are being investigated. 

Ok without doubt that most of these political prisoners were Islamists who finished their sentences from years or even decades ago but I do not understand why the courts can’t revise the cases of those 68 political prisoners again.

Anyhow from over 20,000 to 68 ,  I think this is great achievement.

Regarding the military trials, according to the latest official numbers there are about 4600 civilians imprisoned in civilian jails after being prosecuting in front of military trials since last January 2011. 

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