Thursday, December 1, 2011

The new cabinet byGanz

And here is the new cabinet of Kamel Ganzoury according to Zeinobia’s wild guesses:
  • 12 ministers from the old Essam Sharaf’s cabinet including 2 from pre-revolution era. Without too much guess the Iron lady Faiza Abu El Naga of international cooperation and Hassan Younes of electricity. 
  • 8 –10 ministers from the old Essam Sharaf’s cabinet. My guesses they will be minister of health Amr Helmi ,minister of of foreign affairs Kamel Amr , minister of tourism Mounir Fakhary Abdel Nour
  • 3 of the new ministers will be youth and 2 will be women !!
  • Dr. Gamel El Arabi who was a teacher is nominated to be minister of education, it is  allegedly the first time since 25 years that a teacher becomes a minister of education. May be this is the good news or considerable change.
  • Judge Adel Abdel Hamid is nominated to be minister of justice , there was a bad rumor that infamous judge Adel Abdel Salem Gomaa was chosen as minister of justice  and you can imagine the fury of Egyptian twitter world. He is an old man , over 70 years old man. He was the head of the appeal court.
  • Shaker Abdel Hamid is nominated to be minister of culture , Abdel Hamid used to be the head the secretary general of the supreme council of culture. I do not know much about him.
  • Hany Mahmoud is nominated to be the minister of telecommunications instead of that army general
  • Hussein Abdel Moneim El Shabakshy is nominated to be the minister of investment , El Shabaksy is an expert in industrial investments and reclamation of western desert. 
  • Rumors that retired police general Mohamed Ibrahim is nominated to be the minister of interior. He was the former head of Alexandria’s security directorate as well the head of Egyptian Interpol. He was recommended by one of the Police officers coalitions 
  • A civilian will be appointed as the minister of civil aviation."
  • The old ministry of food supply will be back as well the ministry of youth and sports.
  • There will be a new ministry of revolution’s injured and martyrs’ families !!!!
  • There are rumors that Ganz will keep the ministry of finance for himself !!
  • Hussein Tantawy as minister of defense.
The new cabinet will be sworn in next Saturday insh Allah
Now despite I am glad that the minister of education was an actual teacher one and that the minister  of civil aviation is once again a civilian , I do not think that the old school of Ganzoury will help us these days “as if it helped us in the past”
This cabinet is the most challenge thing in Ganzoury’s life , I believe humans have always second and this change is a big test for him because time is against him as well the revolutionaries who are actually against SCAF’s control.
Now regarding the “byGanz” thing in title , Ahmed Ganzoury is the most flamboyant party planner in Egypt better known as Ganz and his events are well known to be byGanz, I mentioned him before in posts about the two Egypts we had and still have in Egypt. Unlike popular myth Ahmed Ganzoury is not related to our current prime minister from near or far and the only thing they shared is the last name Ganzoury


  1. I suggest the 3rd minister form the pre-revolution would be General Maged Gorge of the Minister of environment.

    N.B. I don't know why most of us ignors such ministry, did not you felt the black clouds over Cairo. this ministry responsible for the National Parks of Egypt (15% of Egypt's area) which encompasses the most attractive fragile scenes in Egypt. they should protect our natural, cultural heritage which is on the verge of extinction. however they appointed a new CEO to the EEAA WHO IS CURRENTLY A MILITARY GENERAL.

    Abdullah Nagy

  2. I don't see how choosing a teacher for the ministry of education as a huge step or good news! It means he is a technocrat not a politician. Yeah, it is good for such a short term government to have so much technocrats, but in the normal case it is better to have professional politicians as ministers. Look at the problems we have because the ministry of interior does not have a civilian minister or the ministry of defense like all western countries. Choosing a teacher for the ministry of education, a doctor for the ministry of health, a police officer for the ministry of interior, and so on means the revolution did nothing to change the way we view the position of a 'minister.'


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