Sunday, December 4, 2011

#Syrian Revolution : Blogger #Razan Ghazzawi is arrested

Razan Ghazzawi
Syrian blogger and activist Razan Ghazzawi has been arrested today at the Syrian Jordanian borders while she was on on her way to attend a conference in Amman after Freedoms in the Arab world.
Razan has been from the active Syrian activists and advocate for freedoms for long time.Razan has been active and outspoken when it comes to injustice , she stood with Hezbollah during the 2006 war. She stood with Syrian Islamist bloggers despite all the complete ideological difference between them and her.
She is from the few Syrian bloggers that used to blog with her real name. She is a U.S born yet she is an Arab leftist nationalist 
According Global Voice advocacy the Facebook account of Razan has been disabled yet her email account and twitter account are still safe.
Razan Ghazzawi is from the early generation of bloggers in Syria ,I pray to God that she will be fine insh Allah.
There is currently a hashtag for Razan “#FreeRazan”. Here is Razan’s twitter account.
And here another a Facebook page dedicated to her : Freedom to blogger Razan Ghazzawi
I think Razan Ghazzawi is the second female Syrian blogger to be arrested after Tal Malhoi.
I remember once Razan once tweeted during the the revolution in Egypt describing how she and her family were glued in front of the TV every afternoon till late night watching Tahrir square in those 18 days and how she cried when Mubarak was ousted.
Razan is another Syrian , among thousands of Syrians detained for no reason except they want freedom and democracy.
Now here is a video of Hashtag show on 25TV in June 2008 ago where Razan Ghazzawi commented about the Gay girl in Damascus hoax starting from 5:45 minutes, I think this is from the few times Razan spoke to Egyptian media.
Thanks to dear friend Miral 
Hashtag : Gay girl in Damascus
Update :
According to dear Jillian York Razan told her on Wednesday that she was afraid that she would be arrested.
It turned out that Razan told her friends to close her social network accounts because she was afraid on her friends' contacts and details to be revealed through her accounts. The FB account of Razan was closed by her own request.
Here is the photo of Razan by Jillian in Beirut from couple of years ago.

Razan Ghazzawi
Razan by Jillian York

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