Sunday, December 18, 2011

#Tahrir : Regarding the Scientific institute

The rooftop of the building which is going to collapse as excepted. I am not concerning about the building because insh Allah it will be re-built again just like the Shura council in no time. You must know that the real protesters plead to ask the security of the cabinet besides the institute to put off the fire but they laughed at the protesters !!

Some say that the fire started from inside , whether inside or outside I believe such important building was not less important the cabinet , if it were not more important than anything in the street aside from the geographical society and the parliament. It was the responsibility of SCAF to protect the building and its content.

The minister of culture Shaker Abdel Hamid has thanked the protesters and the revolution youth for saving the content of the institute.

#Tahrir : Saving the rare books

The protesters busted a group of thugs who tried to set the building again on fire and beat the crap out of them.

The AUC and Kasr Al Dobra church as well as the national archives of Egypt are demanding the protesters to bring them the manuscripts and books they found.

According to the ministry of Culture says that 2/3 of the books and manuscripts of the Egyptian Scientific institute were saved. We do not know if the original version of the Description of Egypt is burnet or not as we have a contradicting news. On one side we got the officials from the institute says that it was destroyed in the fire while on the other we find the general secretary of the people’s assembly claming that he has got the original version of the book along other books and manuscripts from the French invasion in his own private library !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

This man has got a book worth of LE 15 million in his private library along the first records of the people’s assembly !? Why and how !? Today I heard something very interesting that all the maps we got in the institutes are copies and the originals are actually in Turkey by the way.

A Fajr Newspaper journalist claimed today that he bought some of the manuscripts after the fire !!

Dr. Mahmoud Hafiz “100 Years old” , the head of the institute is currently in Coma from quite some time and he did not see what happened to Egypt.

According to one of the employees working in the institute , from two years ago following the fire of the Shura council the institute demanded a better fire fighting system but you can guess what was the answer !! Nothing at all.

Now activists are circulating two photos for who they believe an army conscript participating in setting the institute on fire accusing one of the conscripts who assaulted April 6 activist Ghada Kamel of being one of those vandals !! The photo is not inclusive though.

The army should pay for the reconstruction of this building just like it did with the Shura council.

The human soul is a holy thing and must be saved no one is disputing in this but now everybody is blaming the protesters on the fire of the institute , it is the trap from the other traps that were set up against them and they had to fall in it.

I know some accusing me and others who speak about the institute of ignoring the martyrs which is nonsense of course , I do not have anything to say or to defend myself except I do not want any people to die or injured or tortured , I go to sleep every night praying that no one gets killed or lose any eye. 

And yes I love old books and history , anyone knows this blog well enough will know that.

The whole scene is so symbolic , our future is killed “Young protesters” , our moderate Islam is being killed “Sheikh Emad”, our rare history is burnet “The scientific institute” , our unity as a nation on the verge of division “ Army and police Vs. Protesters , People Vs. protesters , liberals Vs. Islamists ..etc”. We are waiting for a miracle.

Another symbolic is how we did not know Sheikh Effat like we know radical Sheikhs just like how 98% of the people did not know that this small old building was the most important library from historical perspective in Africa and in the Middle East. Science was lifted from earth to heaven on these bloody days

Nevertheless this institute will be built again and it will be filled with rare books again that will be restored , it will be back insh Allah just like mothers will give birth to babies as long as the sun rises on this nation that saw bloody days and nights more than this and we made it through , this is what history says in the old books.


  1. For the sake of the article you should include this video of man who sets some building (same building?) on fire:

    Man torching building, screen capture of the man.

    Someone has accused he is a member of military. I cannot tell if he is as my Scandinavian eye is not trained on Arabian facial recognition.

  2. I am so sorry for Egypt!
    El Qamar

  3. I ask you to reread the link you posted, Samy Mahran is clearly referring to the private collection of the People's Assembly not his own private collection. On this note, I am shocked he actually revealed the real place for such gems at these difficult times, these are precious items and many would love to get their hands on them. They must be moved to a secure place I am worried they will be announced as lost after a while and we will never know what happened to them. وأكد المستشار مهران أن جميع الوثائق التى يمتلكها المجلس فى مكتبته الخاصة في أمان، ومنها نسخة أصلية من كتاب "وصف مصر" وكتاب "هوليلاند" الذي تقدر قيمته بـ15 مليون جنيه، وهو عبارة عن كتالوج صور وضعه علماء الحملة الفرنسية، علاوة على مضابط المجلس الأولى بخط اليد. وقال المستشار مهران: إن جميع وثائق المكتبة عليها حراسة من الأمن طوال 24 ساعة.

  4. BTW Napoleon's "Description de L'Egypte" was originally made in several sets and some of them are in Egypt, though most are out of Egypt.
    As to the burning of the Library, there are some very clear pictures which show that the burning stated from the inside because the shutters were the last thing to catch fire. Why there was no security protecting the building is one question which must be directed at all the official security forces be they Army or Police; why there were no iron bars even on the windows and why these rare books weren't better protected not just to save them from fires or vandals but to save them from humidity & pollution. Are the books there originals?Have the originals been stolen already & this was a chance to "pretent"they were burned just before the annual stock taking & revision of them? Isn't it a bit weird that these very young kids, who have clearly nothing to do with the revolutionaries, were'nt stopped by the Army or Police & it was the revolutionaries who were trying to stop them & who were saving the books,just like they saved the Museum or the Alexandria Library? Many government buildings or factories are burned at this time of year.....always when someone wants to hide a big robbery & can't find an easier solution than total destruction.However that there was no security at all make me think that perhaps, the most precious books were already gone;& I wonder, were they at least insured??

  5. If the fire started from inside, then no important book has been burnt. Probably stolen though!


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