Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Russia , Germany and France keep your concerns to yourselves !!!

And so Russia is deeply concern over the death sentence the prosecution demanded in the Mubarak’s trial asking Egypt to consider the old age and health condition in a statement issued by the Russian ministry of foreign affairs.
Interestingly Russia is so concerned on the life of a dictator like Mubarak and is not concerned on the lives of Syrians killed on a daily basis by the hands of the El Assad regime. This Russian concern reminds with how angry the Russian government after the murder of Qaddafi on the hands of the Libyan revolutionaries.
The French ministry of foreign affairs as well the German ministry of foreign affairs also expressed their concerns regarding the death penalty yesterday Friday.
Anyhow I would like to calm down Russia ,Germany , France and the rest of the civilized world , even if  Mubarak is convicted and gets a death penalty , he will be pardoned according to the Egyptian laws because of his old age before his health condition.
Already with the weak circumstantial evidence in the case is not enough to send Mubarak to the death row , unlike the case of Hisham Talaat Mostafa where we got a strong circumstantial evidence there is no much evidence against Mubarak especially everybody is contradicting the other. If you want to convict Mubarak in a normal trial, you should go to the corruption cases and God knows how many they are.
I know that dictators like Mubarak have their ways to get away from normal trials and that exceptional revolutionary courts are the only way to get them , well I hate the revolutionary exceptional courts because I know that rarely they would be truly just and the number of the innocent people who become the victims of these trials are more than the true guilty criminals.  
To be honest I pray that Mubarak dies and ends that Saga , already whatever punishment he will receive in this life , it is nothing like the lives he ruined in a way or another for 30 years , let God be his judge.


  1. moi je suis choqué par la condamnation a mort
    un vieux de 85 ans oui les ya eu des erreurs du passé saddam husseins pendu pendant laid kadhafi battu a mort devant le monde entier.
    des arabes tu des arabes la honte moi je suis en colères au peuple arabe alors gorge bush père et fils eux son libre qui on tué des milliers d irakiens eux aussi ses des dictateurs et benjamin netanyahu.
    moi je suis musulmane et seul dieux punira
    la haine appel la haine et la l'égypte pourra jamais être calme le droit de l homme sera pas un droit... pour les islamiste vous serais fouetter
    on vous coupera les mains 'les occidentaux eux il dise que les islamistes son pire il aime pas la démocratie la liberté et la laïcité et les droit des femmes alors peuple d'égypte c est la fin de la démocratie.des pays arabe c est la somalie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The world community has to raise a voice against barbaric acts, so: no, we will not mind our own business. You are so incredibly mean and bitter in all your posts, why don’t you get yourself a nice boyfriend, it would certainly make you feel better :-)


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