Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#EgyParliament : The Parliamentary committees

The people’s assembly declared the results of the internal elections of the parliamentary committees on Tuesday in its 8th session. The Muslim Brotherhood or rather the Freedom and Justice party has controlled at least 10 committees out of the 19 parliamentary committees.Not all the committees elections’ results have been announced today.
MP Mahmoud El Khodiary of Freedom and Justice Party was elected as the head of the legislation committee in the parliament. The famous reformist judge has been from those judges who headed the movement of independent judiciary in time of  Mubarak. He is widely respected.
MP Sobhi Saleh of FJ party was elected as the undersecretary of the legislation committee. Saleh was from the members of the committee that supervised the constitutional amendments referendum and earned that fame because of his controversial statements.
MP Abbas Mokhamiar of FJ party heads the National security committee, it was not a big surprise that this particular committee to be headed by a member from Freedom and Justice ‘The majority party” with a military background. We do not know nothing about Mokhamiar except that he is a former Lt.General in the Egyptian army. 
LT.general can’t be an old member of the MB and reaches to that military rank as the Egyptian army does not allow any political activity for its officers , it is a well known rule. Mokhamiar won a List seats in Sharkia governorate. The lists of the Freedom and Justice coalition included independent members like Wahid Abdel Magid and Kamel Abu El Eita.
MP Essam El Arian of FJ Party is elected as the head of the foreign affairs committee in the Parliament. MP El Arian has been from the famous faces in the Muslim brotherhood when it comes to the foreign relations. He was among the spokespersons of the brotherhood with foreign media for year.
MP Wahid Abdel Magid, the famous political analyst as well Wafd party member “Despite the Wafd party members claimed that they are boycotting these elections”  and MP Gamal Hishmat of Freedom and justice party were elected as the under sectaries of the foreign affairs committee. Ironically Hishmat lost the seat of his district for NDP MP Mostafa El Faky who headed that committee.
MP Mohamed El Sayid Idris of the Karama party has been elected as the head of the Arab affairs committee. Idris, a famous writer is considered from the founders of the Egyptian movement for change “Kafya”
MP Mohamed Abdel Moneim El Sawy of Al Hadra Party was elected as the head of the culture , tourism and media committee. Mohamed El Sawy served as minister of culture in February 2011 in Ahmed Shafik’s cabinet before the cabinet's resignation  under public pressure. He faced a lot of criticism and accusations from some intellectuals who accused him of being conservative despite founding one of the most important privately owned cultural center in Egypt , the El Sawy Culture center. 
I will be lying if I say that this man and his cultural center did not contribute in the cultural scene in Egypt in the past 10 years.
MP Akram El Shaer of Freedom and Justice Party was elected as the head of the health committee in the parliament. Dr. El Shaer , a veteran member of parliament before the revolution was active in rising health issues in the people’s assembly. El Shaer has been a member in the Egyptian doctors’ syndicate’s board since the mid 1990s. He is the father of Dr. Mosaab El Shaer , one of the most famous and outspoken revolution’s injured.
MP Mohamed Anwar El Sadat of Reform and Development party was elected as the head of the human rights committee in the parliament.
MP Mahmoud Askar of Freedom and Justice Party was elected as the head of the religious committee. Sheikh Mahmoud Askar is from Al Azhar.
MP Shabaan Ahmed Abdel El Alim of  Al Nour Party has been elected as the head of the education and scientific research committee in the parliament. Now I am extremely worried in a way you can’t imagine it not only because there is a conservative control but we got Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya member Sheikh Gaber El Gahlan of Gerga in Sohag, Upper Egypt
I do not know if he was convicted before in the terrorism years but I am so damn worried.
MP Sabry Amar of Freedom and Justice has been elected as the head of the transportation and traffic committee.
MP Tarek Dousky of Nour party has been elected as the head of the economic committee. We do not know the economic views of Nour party to be honest , it is not clear as the FJP whose economic views are just like the Free Egyptians “Liberal as you can imagine”. It is worth to mention that Nour party had a meeting with EFG-Hermes from two weeks ago in one of the famous hotels in Giza.
MP Saber Abou El Fatouh of FJ party was elected as the head of the labor committee. MP Kamel Abu Eita, the famous labor activist and member in the Freedom and Justice alliance was elected as the undersecretary of the labor committee.
MP Osama Yassin of Freedom and Justice Party was elected as the head of the Youth committee.
On the other hand the Wafd party members in the parliament have announced that it has boycotted the parliamentary committees’ elections for what they considered a monopoly by the Freedom and justice party in the elections. MP Mostafa Al Naggar of El Adl party has announced that he was going to boycott the parliamentary committees’ elections as well. There have been rumors that Nour party stood against the women’s nomination in these committees.
You know I had plans for more posts about today’s sessions of the parliament but after what happened tonight at the parliament between the youth of Muslim brotherhood and the protesters who headed to the parliament today , I lost all the interest to write anything.


  1. BTW: @BarackObama_Ar:رفضت اليوم عرض الكتاتني لرئاسة لجنة الدفاع والأمن القومي

    Which means that the White House vetoed the appointment of any MB member as head of any Security committee in the parliment controling the budget to EGY MOD. Since the
    MB agreed and gave up this committee, the US security assistance won't be hurt i guess.

    1. Well that @BarakObama_AR is a parody account dear Orit , The MB are very friendly to the US and Washington more what is being portrayed in the media.

  2. Al-Nour's Shaaban Ahmed Abdel-Alim will head the education and scientific committee in Egypt's People's Assembly...........
    I wonder what educational and scientific breakthroughs will he provide?

  3. Seriously its a parody one ?!? didn't know. believe me i know they working very well together. very coordinated and very good communication but, parody or not parody the US Congress will never approve to hand the Security Money to MOD in which an MB member will be the head of the committee.

    thanx for letting me know :-)


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