Sunday, January 1, 2012

Egyptian Chronicles’ Women of the Year #2011 in the Arab world

Ok I wrote a post about the women that left their mark in Egypt in 2011 and I think we should make one for our ladies of the year in the Arab world , again there is no arrangement in this unorganized list. 
All the Arab mothers , wives and daughters who lost their husbands and sons in the Arab revolution are on the top of my list.  ladies who were killed in the Arab revolutions and who were raped in the Arab revolutions are on the top of my list.
Manal and her son after her release
The first name that pops in my head without thinking is Manal El Sherif in her role to bring up the rights of the Saudi Women to drive in 2011 to the light , the right2drive campaign that she and other ladies launched in 2011 led to the women’s right to vote in the Kingdom.
Of course Tawakel Karman is in my list along with all the Yemeni women who changed the stereotype of Arabian women in the world .
Now when it comes to Syria well I got too many names in mind starting from the famous Tal who thank God is still alive according to human rights source , we got also Syrian actor Fadwa Soliman and singer Assala Nasri and her stand against El Assad since the start of the revolution.  We got the amazing Syrian activists like Razan Ghazzawi “Who was released last month” as well Sohair Al-Attasi.
Zeinab Al Khawaga
I can’t ignore Bahrain and the role of women there from doctors and human rights activists as well mothers and wives of martyrs. Nobody can ignore the famous Al Khawaga family’s ladies especially Zeinab Al Khawaga in bringing up the human rights issue in the small gulf kingdom to the world and paying a price of it , of course it is moderate price considering the price other Bahrainis paid and are paying from losing their beloved ones in an uprising that sooner turned to international game of power.
To Libya we got Eman Obeidi that represents hundreds or even thousands of Libya women that were raped and tortured during the revolution by the Qaddafi troops.
The Tunisian women are there as well and it is only about their role in the revolution but their impressive role after the revolution as well.

Negative mentions

I know that I forgot some news , if you remember any significant name , please share it.


  1. good article...btw link raghda name goes to wikipedia name fadwa soliman..

  2. I personally think Aliaa Mahdy has been a negative influence on the Egyptian movement. I think her act had no real substance other than to shock people, and while the world's media has been focused on her, they neglected to report on real news.

  3. I think Bothaina Kamel deserves a mention.

    And if anything, if Aliaa Mahdy were to be mentioned, I think it should be on a positive note for uncovering the fake liberals. She shattered the status quo and broke all taboos in her fight to stop the oppression of women in Egypt. She made us start asking the right questions and begin having the much needed debates on women's rights. What we need is not a political revolution - its a cultural one.

    We need to learn a simple life philosophy - live, and let live!


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