Tuesday, January 10, 2012

El Behairy gets a retrial

And this is the good news of the day , Amr El Behairy has got a retrial today Smile The military court has accepted his appeal and he will have a retrial , I do not know but this is a good news and there is a huge hope that ISA he will be released.

El Behairy was arrested on February 26th, 2011 , in the cabinet HQ protest that was dispersed violently. El Behairy was arrested by the military police , prosecuted in front of military court and on March 1st he was sentenced 5 years in jail for beating military personnel. “Despite they were the one that had beaten him according to all the photos and videos” 
It was a historical protest where the military police used violence for the protesters for the first time after the ousting of Mubarak and SCAF had to publish its first and may be last communiqué apologizing for this !!
We owe to El Behairy a lot because despite the agony he has been through , no one can deny that “No for military trials” campaign Mona Seif and others launched because of him saved thousands.
عمرو البحيريNow from 12,000 Egyptians facing military trials only few hundreds are in prisons now because of military trials and yet the campaign is still working. The political powers , parties and activists are maintaining their demand to refer all the military trials’ prisoners and detainees to be referred to normal civilian courts to get fair trials.
Hopefully insh Allah El Behairy will be acquitted and released.

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  1. FYI
    Under Mubarak's 30 year rule there were 2,000 military trials, whereas as of January 2011 till now there are 12,000 military trials???????


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