Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Yemen : Adieu Ali Abdullah Selah

And Ali Abdullah Saleh ended his career as the president of Yemen on January ,2012 after ruling this great nation for about 33 years !!

Saleh  left Yemen today to Oman after 33 years of ruling it , Saleh has left the building indeed !! Saleh went to Oman first before heading to the States for treatment.

Saleh did not leave of course except when he got that immunity law from the parliament for him and his some of his aides , you can sense the Mubarak’s trial effect here without doubt.

Saleh asked the forgiveness of the Yemeni people if he did anything wrong in those 33 years !! wow , forgiveness is a big word indeed but one thing for sure the Yemeni people gave a lesson to the whole world about forgiveness.

Saleh asks forgiveness from the Yemeni people

Despite being one of the most armed societies in the world , things have not turned in a real civil war in Yemen thanks to its great people.

Of course the last thing Saleh has done before leaving to Oman was to promote Major General Mansour Hady to field Marshal !! Hady was the vice president and now officially he became the interim president. Yes Yemen got its own field Marshal now !!!!!!

The revolution in Yemen has got others battles to win after winning this battle against Saleh , the corporal who ruled Yemen for 33 years and dreamt once to leave the rule for his son !!

Anyhow enough of Saleh , he is from the Yemen’s past and now here is a clip made by photographer Abdel Ruhman Rajab to represent the daily life of Yemenis in those tough revolutionary days. The clip is called “Concept”

Yemen : Situation

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