Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#Jan25Two : Tomorrow a big day

I do not know how tomorrow will be for real in Egypt , this is how things are after the revolution unlike the past 30 years where everyday was just the same. The weather is cold and it has been raining for hours yet may be tomorrow insh Allah it will be better.
Bread, Freedom and Social justice
Now concerning tomorrow insh Allah , well the keyword  is not Tahrir square this time but rather the marches , there will be several marches in Cairo and Giza from different street and squares to Tahrir square. The most important two marches in Giza my will be the one from Mostafa Mahmoud square in Mohendessin as it will include many political figures and the one from Giza square including Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei.
The marches in Cairo and Giza
In Cairo there will be important marches , one from Al Azhar Mosque that will include the students of the late Sheikh Emad Effat at 1 PM , already January 25th, 2012 commemorates the 40th days following his murder at the Cabinet clashes last December 2011. The second one will be from Shubra , the Mina Daniel march as it is being called dedicated to the famous Christian Socialist activist Mina Daniel who was killed during the Maspero clashes.
Dr. Mohamed  ElBaradei visited the families of late Sheikh Emad Effat and Mina Daniel today.
ElBaradei at Mina Daniel's house "Sheikh Emad's poster"
There will be marches in several governorates as well. Of course to follow the news of the marches in the governorates , you can follow the hashtag “#Jan25” or “#Jan25two” as the hashtags with the names of Egypt’s governorates. A group of activists will transfer the protesters live on this US stream channel tomorrow.
The marches will gather at 12 PM/1 PM and then will head to Tahrir square , it is expected that they will reach the square at 4 PM.
Currently there are couple of thousands in Tahrir square thanks to the rain.Those thousands are chanting against Field Marshal Tantawy . On the other hand The Muslim brotherhood and Salafists supporters are there as well and as expected. The MB supporters have set up a stage in the square already chanting “One hand” replying on the anti-SCAF chants of other protesters. The MB supporters are Protecting that stage.
I do not know how things are going to be in Tahrir square , especially that the army and MB said that they will celebrate the revolution while the protesters and many political figures say there is no celebration.
By the way I do not like how Dr. ElBaradei described last year as sad.
There are tensions between some independent protesters and MB supporters as expected. I do not fear from clashes between security forces and protesters as much as the clashes between the MB and Salafists supporters and the Tahrir protesters.
Tahrir square from awhile ago
By the way the Ministry of interior issued a statement on Monday congratulating the Egyptian people for two feasts in its official Facebook page : The revolution Day and the Police Day
April 6th Youth movement and political movements are urging all the protesters tomorrow to avoid protesting in front of any security building whether security directorate or police station in order to avoid any clashes or any claims that we are thugs.
No for protesting in front of police stations
Here is a tweet by former PM Essam Sharaf who supports the peacefulness of the revolution.
Many people are worried from any clashes tomorrow , I will not lie and hide it. Banks downtown have emptied their ATMs like HSBC and NSGB. Speaking about money , the CBE has issued a Revolution memorial coin.
The memorial coin
What else ? Well nothing for now , the weather is cold and I have to get some sleep as tomorrow insh Allah will be a big long day.

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  1. Nice post Zenobia How do we get hold of a coin? will they be in circulation or do you have to get them from a special place or bank?


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