Thursday, January 5, 2012

Meanwhile Outside Cairo : Sohag , Alexandria and Sharm

Meanwhile outside Cairo and the political jazz taking place there as well outside the circus of the parliamentary elections from one side and the Mubarak’s trial from another side.
First of the crisis of the butane gas cylinders continues  through Egypt in extreme cold weather. The prices of the butane gas cylinder hike up to the sky and average Egyptians are cursing everybody especially those in power more than those in the street.
Here is a video showing a protest in Girga of Sohag , Upper Egypt of angry citizens protesting the lack of butane gas cylinders at the city council.
Sohag : Protesters want gas cylinders
Now what is extremely interesting in this video that the people of Girga are protesting at the city council accusing its officials of creating this crisis , this shows you that people are not afraid to stand for their rights anymore.
Sohag : people of Girga do not want the head of their city council
Second Alexandria is having its own sea in the city itself after rains as usual !! I hope that the new members of parliament act as it should in this situation.

Here is a video from dear Alexandria from Alexandria Live FB page

Third and last thing is a sad news from Sharm El Sheikh , an owner of 6 bazaars torched himself there after failing to pay the rent of his bazaars.The situation in Sharm is not that good without doubt yet again it will not be worse than the terrorism years or even Sharm blasts.
I started first with our people in Girga’s protest to show that there is something that changed in the country despite all the hardships. By the way I found those videos through a local Girga’s FB page where people use to communicate and share interesting news about the famous city. When I browsed this page , I found a warning to the protesters in Tahrir square from any attack to clash with the army on January 25th, 2012 to the end of this talk demanding the protesters to stick with the peacefulness of the revolution principle. This is not a felol page I suppose but I consider this an important indicator , the media machine is strong without doubt but I have a faith.


  1. Thank you for this site I love coming here to read all the Story's Wonderful Job.

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    I hope you don't mind if i mirrored some of your posts at my website " Pyramidion"
    I'm an Egyptian blogger and i also contribute to many online publications, e.g.,Veterans Today, Dissident Voice,Opinion Maker and Salem News.


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