Sunday, January 8, 2012

Regarding the Pregnant Spanish minister of defense

Today the hot photo shared over FB profiles , pages and groups in Egypt is the photo of Spanish ex-minister of defense Carme Chacón when she was pregnant on how women can be minister of defense while they are pregnant and heading politically the Spanish armed forces . Some people hope to see a civilian defense minister like pre-1952 in Egypt while other teased SCAF and Tantawy with it and the rest made fun of it.
Ironically those youth sharing the photo on the Facebook also shared a small info about 23-F coup without any reference to the Franco rule and the transformation of democracy there through reforms not through revolution.
I do not like that sort of photos and comparisons now despite I will not hate to see a woman as minister of defense in Egypt on the contrary I hope that I will live the day to see it , I have always admired the former French minister of defense Michele Alliot Marie before Tunisian revolution but I am more of a realistic person when it comes to Egypt especially when it comes to our army.
Needless to say knowing how Egyptians do think especially men , 3/4 of these youth sharing the photo without doubt in normal times will refuse having a woman as minister of defense , in fact they will make fun of any woman minister pregnant in general but now everybody is revolutionary.
There is a complete isolation without doubt between the class of revolution youth and the rest of the people in Egypt .There is complete isolation between the youth and reality , they are forgetting that Chacón became the first woman minister for defense in Spain after decades of the Franco rule. For God sake we are on the verge of celebrating the first anniversary of January 25th revolution that still has got a lot to be done in order to be considered a real revolution.
In order to have that scene in Egypt then you must prepare generations to accept it and this is not an easy thing especially in a society that due to the long bitter history of wars in the 20th century preferred for a long time that its president to have a military background !!
Our society is conservative sexist society , we have to be honest with ourselves if we want to re-build this nation once again. The Nour Salafist Party that came the second place of the parliament refuses the idea of having women in the parliament. Do I need to speak about the judiciary battle !? And how are we fighting so women would be accepted as a judge !?
Do I need to speak to that dirty sexist slogan “Why do girls go to protests ? because they are more manly than you !?”. 
I will not even speak about the army , its officers and soldiers with their old sexist thinking because actually I know some of the dreamy revolutionaries think we should disband that army and reform it again in a revolutionary way as if Egypt is a country in the pacific ocean with small army easy to be disbanded or if the Egyptian people will accept that.
Of course some of the revolutionary youth now despise that retarded conservative majority and wishing it would die but it will not and they will always be there and we should work on wining them and not losing them with the usual rejection.
If I want a minister of defense in Egypt post revolution , I want him or her like in the States or Israel , true peace in the Middle East is a long awaited dream for a country like Egypt especially the revolutionary Egypt we want is faraway from the American fellowship but rather independent country that only cares for national security’s best interest.
We can have a woman civilian minister of defense after long successful time of civilian rule and peace in the Middle East.
By the way women are not enrolled in the Egyptian army except as medical officers and nursers
Already there is question in my mind : Who will be the next minister of defense in Egypt after the departure of SCAF ? Will he be Anan or someone else !? Of course these are the scary questions no one want to answer or fear to answer because nobody owns an answer. It is better to ask  instead on when are we going to have a woman minister for defense in Egypt !?


  1. The problem with Carme Chacón isn't that she's a pregnant woman. It's that she's a woman.

    Haha! Just kidding! It's that she's a member of the Socialists' Party of Catalonia and Spanish Socialist Workers' Party. The Spanish would be idiots to put a quasi-communist like her in charge of so much as a whelk stall. It's an example of why they're about to go bankrupt.

  2. Optimistic. If we consider that Spain 1976 was a little bit like Egypt 2011 as regard to mentality and culture, there is a huge hope to see the same hapening in Egypt during this century.

  3. i hope so too to live and see a civilian minster of defense in Egypt, man or woman it won't matter as long as he/she will be able to run such a huge ministry, because let's face it, it's the biggest organization in Egypt and because it took them a lot of time to be so big is because it was always run by army men.

  4. Tantawi will never be pregnant!

  5. do not metter the sex of a minister, in europe, small countries have a ministery of defence barely to buy weapons for the big industry, all of them have a mandatory target from NATO or other european partner gererally the whealtly germany or UK upon USA approval... the minister is merely decorative, do not metter if men, woman, the rest are damn life storys....


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