Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Syrian Revolution : Even Babies “+18 Extremely Graphic”

The world today listen to Bashar El Assad in the morning and to his long speech fall of lies and old Arab nationalism slogan as well threats to leave the LAS and in the afternoon to baby Afaf Mahmoud from Homs.
Baby Afaf "4 months"

Extreme graphic content after the break.

Homs : The youngest detained martyr
She was only 4 months when she was detained with her mom and dad “still detained” , I do not know how to say it but that baby angel was tortured , you can see the bruises on her small pale body. I still remember Layal.
I can’t imagine , I swear I can’t imagine someone would harm such a small beautiful thing.
Unfortunately Afaf is not the youngest baby to be killed by the hands of the Syrian regime,may be she is the first to be tortured till death though in detention. Both ideas drive me angry
Sadly enough baby Afaf returned to her family while her parents are still detained. What even more sadly children today held protests in several areas against the El Assad rule today.
In the first hour of Bashar El Assad’s long speech 10 Syrian were reportedly killed by the hands of the Syrian forces according to activists then we know by the afternoon in Cairo that there was a massacre in Deir ez Zor this morning and not less than 30 Syrians have been killed by the hands of security forces !!!!
Now according to numbers coming from Syria , Idilb’s martyrs have reached to 1003 while Daraa got 925 martyrs and Hama got 719. According to Syrian activists 600 Syrian have been killed so far after the signing of the LAS’ protocol.
By the way here is a photo of Egyptian family protesting in Alexandria in solidarity with the Syrian revolution.

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  1. Torturing babes??? When Assad spoke about not giving the order for Syrian security forces to attack the civilian population, what he really meant was he has never been in control of the army. Syria is a military state and the current regime fronted by the Assad puppet, prefer to increase their personal wealth by securing sovereignty surrendering deals with Russian oligarchs than to allow democratic reform.


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