Friday, January 20, 2012

What is wrong with Al Wafd Newspaper ?

Last night the leaked first page of the weekly issue Al Wafd newspaper took the Egyptian twitter world by storm with its extreme anti-Field Marshal Tantawy headlines, yet in the morning we found out that the weekly issue of Al Wafd in the newsstand was a bit different than what is leaked online.

Here is the issue of Thursday as it was online
As you can see it was completely different.
And here was a new related to Field Marshal Tantawy on the first page , a positive one.

Oddly enough there is a screen shot of that leaked anti-Field Marshal Tantawy issue at the domain !?  

Interesting enough this issue is different when it comes to that box in the middle of the page , there are no names in that editorial box  in the first page , there are not editor in chief or CEO and this is quite interesting.
 The admin of SCAF official page on FB slammed New Al Wafd party and the newspaper demanding answers for these headlines working to create a drift between the people and the army !! He hinted interestingly to the splits creating taking place in the old liberal party indirectly.


  1. Same as with Ahram, see:

    Screen grab:!/borzou/status/159655281813495808/photo/1/large, saw that myself on front-page too but didn't figure out it would be censored so I didn't took a screen grab.

    Censored by SCAF!

    1. Actually I know personally from Ahram Online that it was not censored in Ahram Online but it was rather had to be changed after new information came from the trial that El Deeb did not accuse the army of killing the protesters but rather accuse the army of not stop the shooting of the protesters while accusing foreign agents of shooting the protesters.
      Check @Nadiaglory who attended the trial

  2. Zeinab no newspaper dare to just mention the Intelligence as you know. From the first moment I knew that this "leaked" first page is photoshopped.

  3. As far as their articles on Sudan are concerned, they make unforgivable, pedestrian mistakes than anyone with access to google would not.


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