Tuesday, February 21, 2012

#KhadersVictory4Palestine: A Small step but a big hope

Khader's father thanks God
And the Israeli supreme court has ordered the suspension of Khader Adnan ‘s detention and his release in April 2012 after 66 days of hunger strike that revived the Palestinian hope.
Adnan has ended his amazing hunger strike today after a deal between his lawyers and the Israeli authorities. Adnan managed to make bad noise for the Israelis.
Amnesty International issued a statement today urging the Israeli authorities to release Adnan immediately saying that the decision of the court was insufficient. 
Now I can’t hide my admiration with the strength and power of Randa Khader , of course I am not surprised because Randa is a Palestinian lady and standing bravely in front of hardships is not a strange thing for the Palestinian women , in fact I think they are already born with that quality.
This small deal or rather victory has brought a hope you can’t imagine to the Palestinians at least from what I see on the social networks. Adnan managed to make the world remember the Palestinian cause after months of forgetting it in the Arab spring tsunami. I can’t hide my happiness for this victory.
I can’t also hide my anger towards the Egyptian tweeps as well Maikel Nabil who has been similar experience and yet did not bother to write a single tweet as far as I could all that time about Adnan !!
Now regarding hunger strikers , well you will be surprised to know that Adnan was not the only man on hunger strike for his freedom in the Middle East because we also have Bahraini human rights activist Abdel Hady Al Khawaja who has entered his 14th day in his hunger strike in his prison. Al Khawaja is objecting the mistreatment in the Bahraini prison. He is suffering from bleeding kidney already.
Moving to Iran we got blogger and political activist Mehdi Khazali who has been on a hunger strike for 45 days now objecting his detention. Khazali is opposing the Iranian government.


  1. concerned citizen2/22/2012 09:19:00 AM

    The supreme court did not convene, a deal was struck between Adnan and the authorities. Adnan will remain in detention until April 17, but will stop his hunger strike.

  2. Thank you for the support all this time !! indeed Khader has achieved a victory for Palestine (while huge on the personal level) that we hope will translate into a bigger Palestinian one. we should do all we can for Khazali and Khawaja!! FYI no Palestinian was waiting for anything from Maikel Nabil, he chose a side a very long time ago but the problem is that he does not see the contradiction between that a NoSCAF call and supporting israel

  3. Thank you for the support all this past time! Khader has achieved a victory for Palestine that we hope will translate into a bigger Palestinian victory. We should do all we can for Khawaja and Khazali!! as for Maikel Nabil, i can assure you no Palestinian was waiting for anything from him! Maikel has chosen a side a long time ago. The irony of his choice is that it completely contradicts any Anti-SCAF rule he calls for... He refuses to acknowledge that SCAF and Israel are in fact in an alliance


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