Monday, February 13, 2012

Senior Salem ,you are not Egyptian indeed

I'm Spanish, my children are Spanish, my grandchildren are Spanish. We here long, have become friends, have done business. And the accusations coming from Egypt are politically motivated
Salem ,the sick old man "EPE"
That was what Hussein Salem had said from two days ago at the criminal division of the national court in Madrid , Spain
Salem who will be extradited to Cairo claimed in front of the court that he only used that the Egyptian passport when he travels to Mecca.
I have one thing to say to Salem and his family : Egypt does not need you and the Egyptian passport should not be carried by someone like you at all. Already if it were not for Egypt and its fortunes you enjoyed and abused since the 1960s , you would not be able to travel to Spain in the first place !! 
The Spanish passport should not be carried by someone like Hussein Salem and his family as well.
I do not know already if Salem is following his old friend Mubarak's steps and pretending to be an old sick man to win a sympathy in the court or what !!
The accusations of Salem are not politically motivated but rather justly motivated. In fact Salem should be very thankful because he is being accused of very light charges when it comes to his corruption.
Here are clips showing Salem and his family in Spanish court.
CBC : Hussien Salem and family in Spanish court
 By the way from very reliable source : Do not believe the interviews of Hussein Salem in Rosa Al Youssef , they are  fabricated.
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  1. Not even man enough to stand and face his accusers! Shameful and will go down in history alongside Mubarak and his cronies as the thieves they are. May their names never be forgotten and chronicled for historys sake. Hussein Salem thief and liar and coward.

  2. Salem is a central figure in the Eatsco scandal, which is linked to GOP/ Bush Sr. illegality and Iran/Contra. Arms were sold to the Islamic Reupublic of Iran via Israel and the money was used to fund right-wing murder squads in Latin America. At the same time, the Mujahadeen was supplied by the CIA in their struggle with the Soviets.

    Al Queida was born.

    I wonder if Salem will be asked about any of this? Some of his fortune comes from arming drug-dealing mercenaries who indulged in massacres against peasants and indigenous peoples (also occaisionally US citizens who got mixed up) in C.America besides ripping off Egyptians. He was in business with the CIA serving people like Casey, Bush Sr. , Oliver North , Secord & Wilson.

  3. Not only.. Salem was an active partner in a CIA covert company for transporting arms for their behalf and account to areas of interest to USA like Afghanistan, liberia, Congo and others.. His main partners were Hosni Mubarak and the late Abu Ghazala!!
    His close contacts with the Mossad and the CIA assured him the upper hand in the so-called Sinai Development Plan.. If you go there now you'll find out that the new urban redesign for El Tur city is made by Salem himself.. He was using Egypt's resources and his political influence to get richer all the time.. Now by using one of the many CIA offered passports, he wants to drag in the spanish government's endorsment to oppose the inevitable extradition order..
    Mr. Salem you were carrying your Egyptian Passport when you signed the agreement for the Egyptian Gas to Israel..
    You were carrying the Egyptian Passport when you secured yourself the monopoly of the Water supply services in Sinai..
    You were carrying the Egyptian Passport when you bought and sold Egyptian lands and projects..
    The list is long to prove that you have betrayed the Egyptian people's trust and committing all the illegalities present on your CV being an Egyptian Citizen..
    It has never been a politically motivated accusation, it is simply a Criminal Investigation by which the Egyptian Executive is asking the Spanish counterpart to deliver a criminal according to the Criminal Extradition Act.
    I hope that the extradition order be approved by the Spanish authorities so that the justice process will come safely to port.
    Ahmed EL NAHAS


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