Thursday, February 23, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : Homs , the City under bombardment in photos

Very few managed to send photos from Homs especially with the imposed media and security siege in the city.

A young Syrian human right activist and citizen journalist managed to get in to the city and to send dozens from photos showing several parts of the city like Bab El Saba’a. The city looks like a ghost city yet strangely the scene of young falafel seller and vegetables mini-market , life goes on indeed.

These photos are taken by Mulham Al Jundi whom I praying for his safety  , in fact after knowing what happened to Marie Colvin and Rami Ochveli I wish that he keeps his profile as anonymous as much as he can. I am so worried on him to the level I feel uncomfortable of mentioning him because a news blogger and reporter , I know the danger he is currently facing.

Our young brave man in Homs will post more photos and I will gather them to post them later here ISA.

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  1. The photos remind of Gaza 2008 or Fallujah or the Taliban assault on Kabul. Shocking to hear of Marie Colvins death, bravest of the brave. Who says women can't be as fearless or even more than a man?


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