Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This is how Cairo looked in the morning

Cairo had today one hell of a dust storm in the morning that we have not seen from yeas if I am not mistaken.
From the window of my dear sweet friend Miral

Tweep Nahla Mohamed took this photo
According to Egyptian calendar , we are in the month of Amshir and our elder say that month is divided in to three parts : The first part is cold , the second part is hot and the third last part is stormy !! We are in the last part hopefully before our Spring which is not less stormy to be honest and realistic !!


  1. سبقناكم هنا يا زنوبيا
    من ثلاث ايام ايام الجو انقلب الساعه 3 عصرافى الرياض - السعودية
    الى طقس خيال علمى
    مدى الرؤية يمكن ربع متر للأمام

  2. I need to know if the sand storm passed so I can turn on my air conditioning for heat, it is cold in our apartment, no where on net will give me a report in this one detail... Where can I find such information. ? In English , please .

    1. Well it is indeed cold in Egypt and I have done the same thing , this is Amshir's weather one minute the weather is hot then in another minute it is cold. This is why we call it unpredictable Amshir

  3. Is the sand or dust storm over ? Febuary 29th and March 1st . please direct me to the information or if you know, please let me know. Thank you .

  4. Anonymous dont you have a window to look out of?

    Anyway it is raining lightly with no sand storm now 23.00 1st March


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