Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And The MB has just created their first diplomatic crisis !!

It started first with Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi , he slammed the Emirati government and the rulers of UAE last week for their decision to deport a group of Syrians and their families for protesting in front of their embassy in Abu Dhabi without a permission in his weekly TV show on Qatari Al Jazeera.
Qaradawi slammed UAE government
The old influential Sheikh told the rulers of UAR to fear God and the day of judgment. It was a very simple criticism ; “fear God” was once said to Omar Ibn El-Khatab himself but despite many believed that next day all people would forget what Qaradawi said , a high profile Emirati official did not forget and was offended from what the Sheikh said.
Dhahi Khalfan , Dubai’s police chief fired back at the Sheikh and said that if he insulted UAR and its rulers , he will not only arrest if he steps a foot in UAE but he will ask the Interpol to arrest him.
The statements were shocking to the Sheikh’s fans as well Islamic clerics , despite I think Sheikh Qaradawi used to worse attacks by Mubarak regime yet somehow people did not expect this attack coming from an official , from a Gulf state where Qaradawi is popular more than in Egypt.
Not only the Sheikh’s fans have fired back at Khalfan but also his brothers in the Muslim brotherhood stood for him as well. “Qaradawi is a famous old member of the group”
In a comment to some Emirati newspaper Mahmoud Ghozlan , the official spokesperson of MB warned UAE from the Islamic world’s anger if they dared and arrested Sheikh Qaradawi.
And the Emiratis took his quote as a threat seriously and a crisis was born between Egypt and UAE !!!!! We are not speaking about regular Emiratis officials but we are speaking about Emirati officials including the minister of foreign affairs himself Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Zayid who attacked the Muslim brotherhood in his official twitter account and slammed them.
I hope that the Egyptian government to explain its position from the statements of the MB spokesperson
In another tweet the Emirati FM says that Egypt does not deserve the MB’s way of thinking.
The GCC has also slammed MB and Gholzan. “What affects UAE , affects GCC” the secretary general of GCC Abdel Latif El Zayani said.
Of course now Khalfan has nothing to do on twitter except to slam the Muslim brotherhood. Right after Ghozlan’s statements he accused the Muslim brotherhood of  being the agents of the United States “He spoke about US NGOs trial as a proof on what he is saying” , of being the origin of Al Qaeda as well of being pedophiles !!!!! He even accused them of standing behind the students protests in King Khaled University in Saudi Arabia !!
Khalfan has been slamming the MB for hours up till now in Arabic and it seems that he is supported by many Emiratis. The man is on fire without doubt !!!
Emirati state minister of foreign affairs spoke with our FM Mohamed Amr during the last LAS meeting about the statements of Ghozlan. Speaking seriously the tensions between the MB and UAE has reached a new level despite Cairo is trying to keep away from the media in Egypt.
on Monday the MB issued an official statement clarifying the statements of Ghozlan insisting that they did not mean any offense to UAE despite they slam Khalfan and his attack on Qaradawi. Ghozlan claimed in the statement that his comments were twisted.
Still the UAE is angry from the MB and indirectly Egypt.
Now historical fact Sheikh Zayid , the founder of UAE did not like the Muslim brotherhood and rejected them. I do not know if it had to do with his strong relations with Nasser and later Sadat then Mubarak or the fact the old Egyptian generals from police as well army used to serve in UAE as security expert whether in army or police after retirement. These officers for sure got their own views about the MB that they transferred to the Emiratis.
Another interesting recent fact Khalfan does not believe in the Arab spring revolution and thinks that it is a foreign conspiracy made by the Americans. Khalfan gained fame in Egyptian media during the Suzanne Tamim murder crime and later gained international fame following the murder of Hamas’ leading member El Madbouh in a Mossad operation in Dubai.
Of course Ghozlan got very interesting quotes in the past few months that made many people angry outside and inside the MB like this last jam from couple of days ago.
Whoever going to elect Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh as a president from Muslim brotherhood youth will be fired !!
I think the MBs can forget the ministry of foreign affairs now as they are not ready not for it, already lots of tiny birds in Cairo tell me that the fight between MB and SCAF over the government is centered over three main ministries “Defense , interior and foreign affairs
To be honest that despite my belief in democracy , I think the MB with their depressing current political performance should forget about these ministries.
I will not lie and I say that I am not happy to see them stumbled in this diplomatic crisis with the Emiratis after what they had done during the the US NGOs trials.


  1. This is not about Sheikh Qaradawi nor about MB. Fact is that all those Monarchies in the Gulf are opposed to democracy and to revolution. They are scared and IMHO they feel that their days are numbered.
    Nevertheless they are dangerous because of their wealth and their Salafeen agents are already doing their nefarious work in Egypt.

  2. How come there is a fight over these ministers "Defense and foreign affairs"?
    As far as I know, MB support a semi-presidential system and certainly the president (SCAF at the moment) will have power over at least these two ministries.
    If your tiny birds are correct, then you should ask them a simple question
    What will remain for the next president if MB takes the right to appoint all ministers?

  3. How can you compare criticising his own country with criticising another country?!

    It's not the same.

    I think his age is catching up with him and that he should not delve in politics.

  4. How dare he speak in such a haughty, condescending way!

    He also speaks in such a simplistic manner about the history of Bangladesh and the Bengali people.

    What an empty vessel and with double standards too!


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