Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Egyptian Saudi Bridge Follow Up : Is there A bridge at all !!?

First all I must thank all the readers and their concern after publishing a post about that bridge planned allegedly to connect Egypt and Saudi Arabia through national preserve islands Tiran and Sanafir.
Second thanks to dear friends I found out that the Saudi ministry of transportation seemed to be the last one to know about the bridge plans resurrection !!
The Saudi ministry of transportation said in a statement to Saudi Al Watan newspaper that “There is no any such agreement to the effect between the ministry and any other party concerning the project” and that “ No official from the ministry had made any statement regarding this issue”
Ironically the Egyptian officials did not stop speaking to the press !!
It seems to me that the Egyptian Government whether in time of Sharaf or Ganzoury is trying to persuade the Saudis to build this bridge at the same they are trying to give this false hope Egyptians that this bridge will make us as rich !! Ironically according to those in favor of the project this bridge’s profits will reach $3 billion in 10 years from tolls !! Well in the revolution year 2011 with all the jazz we had we achieve $8.8 billion profits from tourism only and this is a tough year !!!
They want to kill a whole eco-system for $3 billion in 10 years !!
The real development of Sinai will not be achieved by Saudi money as some Bedouins believe in Sinai , the real development of Sinai will be achieved if we bridge for real between Cairo and Sinai and the political authority takes a daring decision and revives President Sadat’s Middle Sinai urban development project which Hassab Allah El Kafrawy supervised its design.
I hope that the Saudi government continues to refuse that ugly project.


  1. The whole bridge thing is built on rumors, not one solid piece of information and the media took those rumors and ran with tthem which is disgusting.

    The bridge proposal will not bring prosperity to Sinai. If they want to build Sinai, a fast high-powered train from Cairo and Delta region to there should be much more useful.

  2. see, African Rift valley :)


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