Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#Egyworkers : And the Newspapers workers demand better training incentives

Today I met a protest “ not a big one” at the famous “Sahafa street” in front of the state owned major newspapers Al Ahram and Akhbar Al Youm. The protest included workers from state owned newspapers , privately owned newspapers whether independent or partisans.
Newspapers workers protest
The protesters were from newspapers workers and administrative employees who were demanding an increase for their technological training incentive about 25% just like the journalists who got an increase in their incentive earlier this year.
The protesters held banners like “The newspaper needs the journalist and the worker” and chanted for Kamel Ganzoury to meeting their demands.
Newspapers workers protest
They are also demand a governmental support to their pensions fund. The government is already paying this technological training incentive for all newspapers.
The protesters headed in march to the Shura council to present a petition with their demands to the Speaker of the Shura council Ahmed Fahmy “Who is also the chairman of the Supreme council of journalism”.
The March to Shura council
Ahmed Fahmy has already asked PM Ganzoury to increase the incentives and to support the pension fund in official request issued from the Supreme council for journalism in Egypt.

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  1. @Zeinobia, speaking of state newspapers, do you know what happened to Rosa Al Youssef? http://www.rosaonline.net now redirects to http://elgornal.net!


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