Monday, March 26, 2012

Here is where our fuel had gone !!?

And drivers found this In the desert highway of Hurghada !!

Hurghada desert highway : Fuel Pond !!

For weeks now people are searching for fuel madly in Egypt standing with their cars in long queues in front of oil stations for hours creating traffic jams not to mention the long quest to find an oil station with loaded tanks of fuel.

This is not the first time something like this to happen after the revolution. Some are accusing the SCAF of standing behind this crisis especially that the Muslim brotherhood leaked a document showing that SCAF exported fuel to Fatah government in West Bank , Palestine in order to punish Hamas government as well to make Egyptians hate Palestine.

Well this fuel in Hurghada did not find its way to the West bank if I am not mistaken !!

The minister of supply , Gouda Abdel Khalak accused the remnants of Mubarak regime of standing behind the crisis past we.. Gouda was accusing indirectly Alaa Mubarak’s runaway father in law Magdy Rasekh of standing behind the crisis.

Ok if Raskh and bunch of evil ex-Mubarak regime men are standing behind the crisis why are not they behind bars ? We know that Raskeh’s companies distributes fuel for cars and gas cylinders for houses , is not this considered a monopoly ? Mostafa Pasha Bakry that Raskh still owns shares in “Cairo Gas” , we need to know if that is true or not and if it is true why these shares have been reclaimed by the government !!

Already how are the National Gas company and Arabia company are doing after his escape !!?

I do not know where the truth is but I know that it is very common to see a vehicle transporting fuel heading in to Cairo protected by army and police !!  


  1. Isn't the fuel crisis just a tiny part of the overall economic dislocation of the last year. Obviously, a lot of money has moved out(some legally) of Egypt and tourists haven't returned in normal numbers. Any foreign aid is usually piece-meal & slow to be handed over.

    Egypt definitely needs a competent economic team in charge, right now. Later it can indulge in fancy ideas of heaven & sharia. Right now it needs people working on these problems or it will only get worse.

    Tunisia is also feeling pinched right now. Maybe closer cooperation with Egypt (and why not Libya) would be useful or am I talking of the impossible?

  2. Fuel, propane, water, electricity, etc., shortages is a glimpse of Egypt's crumbling economy which will eventually decide the outcome of this revolution.


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