Saturday, March 10, 2012

Presidential Elections 2012 : The True Power of The power of attorney !!!

The independent presidential candidates are required to collect at least 30,000 power of attorney from 15 governorates across the country or to score 30 power of attorney from members of parliament.
The idea behind of these terms is to show that candidate has got a real popularity.
The partisan presidential candidate should be represented a party that got at least one party. This means that Potential Presidential candidate and MP Abu El Ezz El Hariri is eligible to run already.
Here is a complete list in Arabic for the public notary offices across the country. There are at least 337 notary offices assigned to receive the power of attorney from the citizens. 
Here is a scan for the power of attorney for presidential candidates.
Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney
Citizens need to bring their IDs along the ID info of their candidate.
Most presidential candidates already complained the High presidential elections committee “HPEC” did not declared the steps on how people can submit the power of attorney for weeks. Nobody knew about that presidential candidate power of attorney except today. 
In the first 24 hours rumors began that candidate X and candidate has began to buy power of attorney to spread.
People have to understand this power of attorney is not a vote , you can sign a power of attorney for one candidate and vote for another one when time comes.
Here is a nice slideshow for our presidential candidates’ IDs :
The presidential candidates IDs
The first one to share his ID was Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh. I am still collecting the IDs. They are interesting because they show where they live. I really like more when they show their ID itself and not its details.
Now a quick update in the first 24 hours :
  • Abu El Fatouh’s campaign reported that there were obstacles facing citizens as the red tape problems including the lack of the power of attorney forms in 18 notary offices in Giza , Sharika , Ismailia , Fayoum and Port Said.
  • In other notary offices citizens were demanded to show a copy from the IDs.
  • One of the sorrowful incidents the campaign reported was that one of the notary offices in Ismailia refused to accept the power of attorney from the disabled calming that they did not have any right to do it !!
  • Hazem Abu Ismail’s campaign also reported that citizens faced red tape problems.
  • Abu El Fatouh campaign's boys and girls are helping everyone to submit their power of attorney even those coming for Abu El Fatouh’s rivals.

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