Friday, March 2, 2012

This can be hell for real Dear Matt

First who is Matt ?

He is the guy who dances around the globe in this nice video clip.

Where the hell is Matt ?

You can know more about this inspiring young man from his official website. 

Now Matt is coming next Sunday to Cairo to do his little dance in none other than Tahrir square from 2 PM to 3 PM CLT. At any other thing I would love seeing Matt in Tahrir square but I am afraid that I am concerned about his safety especially now.

Tahrir square is not safe and even the activists and protesters know. In the past two weeks they attempted to clean the square from the thugs sent by the security apparatuses in order to scare people from the square and to give that bad impression about Tahrir square protesters.

This is why I think such event needs to attract more people than those who said that they will attend the event on Facebook. If anything happens to Matt , this will affect our tourism, our image abroad and will damage the Tahrir image in Egypt more than it is damaged image already. We need to restore our square clean for real.

Instead of Tahrir square now ,I think Matt should dance in front of our Pyramids or in Aswan as people there are more friendly and merrier than in Cairo.

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    can you video it Zenobia!!!!! and post it here


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