Friday, April 13, 2012

The Black Box Will speak Up

This week was a busy one for Omar Suleiman as after decades of being the man who works in silence , in the background , the man is opening his heart and mind to the Egyptian media.
So far this week Suleiman spoke with four newspapers : Al Akhbar and Al Osboo in joint interview with Mostafa Bakry , Al Fagr newspaper with Adel Hammouda and Al Ahram newspaper.
Al Ahram's interview with terrible picture for Suleiman
"Tweep @Aelhawary"
Wisely enough he spoke to Al Ahram in an interview that is published in the weekly issue of Egypt’s most distributed newspaper on Friday. The weekly issue of Al Ahram sells more than any other issue in the week because people buy for the classifieds.
He also spoke on the phone with Amr Adeeb and Hala Serhan this week but not on air for a reason I could not get it.
The former vice president still believes that the “Brother Muslimhood” is the only dangerous facing this country and that he is running for presidency to protect Egypt from Islamists and Islamism in nutshell. He does not speak about economy for real , he does not speak about the problems of Egypt for real other the usual crap of being another Iran and the “Brother Muslimhood is coming , the Brother Muslimhood is coming”
For instance in Ahram interview we find out that the man believes that those who killed the protesters and burned the police stations were the MB !!
Of course the Golden Quote from Omar Suleiman in the week was :
I am the Black box !!
Of course the former head of the GIS swears that he will open his mouth and will expose everybody in front of everybody.
The Golden photo for Suleiman was in Al Fagr , I will post them shortly as I can’t find them online.
He admitted that he survived an assassination attempt on January 29th ,2011. If you remember all people were talking about but there was nothing official about the plot.
I do not know but judging from extra-paranoia and conspiracy talk , his looks in the photos and his fast decisions , I feel this man is not thinking straight or right. I believe he has forgotten what he had said to Christine Amanpour on February 8,2011 that he became an old man and wanted to rest. The man should rest.


  1. I'm afraid that Omar Suleiman may become the saviour for those who have gotten tired. They are cornered, between a rock and a hard place.
    This is how many people feel at this point: disturbed, worried, and extremely tired. But there are others who are looking at him as a torturer. The loser: Egypt
    Here is my taking on "The weeding out stage of the presidential election"

  2. Dear Zeinobia and dear friends,
    Omar Soleiman not only shared lots of secrets by "ORDER" of superiors, he engineered all the Israelo/Palestinian fiaascos one after the other, he dictated the secret agenda for aborting the refugees cause, he actively orchestrated the "Hezb'Allah" case in Egypt.. Not to mention his support and collusion with Mubarak, Hussein Salem and the gang in designing several industrial and commercial treatees with Israel blessed by the states. Let's not remember that he was baptised by the American media as the Poweful American Friend!!!
    His CV in the service of dictatorship is longer than the Nile. His Long espionage experience makes him the most suitable candidate for the American and Israeli continuous hegemony in the area, but surely not the one to endorse the materialisation of nthe Egyptian revolution Dreams and HOPES.

  3. Angry American4/13/2012 11:32:00 PM

    I feel utmost disgust, reading that Soleiman is bragging about having "saved" EgyptAir from being held liable for the suicide of their pilot who downed a plane taking more than 200 lives with him!!! UNBELIEVABLE! That cold blooded criminal prevented legal steps against EgyptAir depriving all families of due compensation! Shame on him and shame on EgyptAir and shame on Egypt!


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