Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blast From the Past : Monday and the World Cover Girl

The Monday and the World magazine cover girl : The daughter of the Nile carries a gun.

The daughter of the Nile carries a gun

I love how that lady looked like and I love her nail polish

During then there were tensions and resistance operations against the British occupation the Suez canal zone.

I really love these Monday and the world covers , they were very interesting and creative.


  1. Hi Zeino
    thanks , what a refreshing cover and post ,sweet days in lovely world were,weren't they ?! .. I maybe call it beauty has a goal or the armed beauty, day after day life keeps remind us , never compromise the charming of beauty even in war time , full nailed
    she squash the british and her nail polish

  2. The MB and Salafists will make sure that she is photograpedn fully veiled and ger hands are covered.

  3. Do you know that the girl in the photo is Egyptian/Greek from the old Greek community in Alexandria?

    Egypt: The Other Homeland
    Revealing a bygone era, we tell the story of Egypt's once-thriving Greek community.

  4. Please delete the last comment... I thought they looked alike and didnt notice the date in both covers.. 8-)


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